Get ready to fire up your 3DS’ home menu and get ready to fire up your heart. A new trailer for Monster Hunter Stories 2—the sequel to the hit handheld RPG—has been released, and if your blood is boiling, it’s not because of the battles you’ll face. The trailer was presented during a live-action-style “Monster Hunter Stories step show” at the ongoing Jump Festa event in Japan.

The latest in the Monster Hunter Stories series takes our intrepid hunters on a non-stop adventure, as they hunt monsters and collect energy points across the land.

In its first year, fans of Monster Hunter Stories were delighted to find out it was essentially a graphical extension of the Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate game, which was the game’s biggest launch to date. It wasn’t a true sequel, however, in that it was not part of the numbered series. And with that, came the question: what would happen next?

word-image-13732 Wild monsters take center stage in Capcom’s latest Monster Hunter Stories 2 trailer. The publisher also shared new details about Monster Eggs and revealed some newMonster Hunter Stories 2 power-ups that will be released with the game when it launches on the 9th. July comes. Strange rays of light seem to rob the monsters inMonster Hunter Stories 2of their sanity, though nefarious factions try to use them to their advantage. In the midst of the chaos, a powerful baby Ratalos emerges with the power to destroy civilization – or become your dearest friend.

. Apparently your choices will determine how Ratalos evolves, though it’s not yet known if Monster Hunter Stories 2will also have branching storylines. However, it has a gene splicing mechanism that allows you to mix and match genes between eggs to affect the growth of your monsters. There is also a giant Paliko named Sergeant, pictured at the top of this article, a former senior officer of your companion Naviru who is just begging for a stuffed animal. Monster Hunter Stories 2 Deluxe Editionincludes an outfit for Ena, layered armor for you, and outfits for some of your companions. If you pre-order the game, you will receive the bonus Kamura Shrine Maiden DLC outfit for Ena.

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