At just a fraction of the price of a full notebook, the MSECORE MV100 has a lot to offer. It features a gorgeous 15.6” 1080p display, powerful Intel Core i5 processor, and a full-sized backlit keyboard.

For the last few years, MSECORE has been pushing mini PCs and the MSECORE MV100 is the thinnest mini PC we’ve seen. The MV100 isn’t just a laptop, though: it’s a tiny, powerful desktop with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. The MV100 has two USB ports, a mini-HDMI output, a microSD card slot, and a micro-USB port for powering the screen. Other than that, it’s a barebones mini PC, but it still has everything necessary to run a full computer like Steam and Google Docs.

The MSECORE MV100 mini PC is a gaming laptop that has been designed to deliver the best performance and experience in a slim and portable package. It is powered by the Intel Core i3-5010U dual-core processor, and it has been paired with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics card to deliver performance and visuals that will convert even the most demanding games.. Read more about best mini pc and let us know what you think.


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Score for Value for Money


Score for Specifications and Features



  • Excellent specifications
  • Size is small.
  • Multiple monitors are supported.
  • A variety of vents ensures that the room is kept cool.
  • When compared to other brands, the price is reasonable.


  • Options for growth are limited.
  • Basic peripherals are not included.
  • NGFF SSDs are slower than PCIe SSDs.
  • Does not comply with the most recent Bluetooth or WIFI standards.
  • There isn’t a USB Type-C port on this device.

Check out the MSECORE MV100 tiny PC review and pricing. Since 2010, Shenzhen MSECORE Technology, a Hong Kong-based tiny PC maker, has been supplying customers with bespoke SFF desktops.

While many of you may not be acquainted with the brand, it does produce some excellent desktops, at least in terms of specifications.

So now we have the MSECORE MV100, a tiny desktop that isn’t quite a micro PC.

The architecture offers certain benefits, such as the presence of cooling fans and a dedicated GPU while maintaining a small form factor.

This desktop’s specifications include a Core i9 CPU, a mid-range GTX 1650 GPU, and enough RAM and storage, which we’ll go over later.

What matters most is the price tag and the amount of ways you may personalize one for yourself.

It offers a variety of GPU options, as well as CPU options ranging from Intel Core i3s to Intel Core i7s.

They appeal to a broader audience as a result, and you may choose the specifications that best fit your needs.

However, problems may arise when upgrades or replacements are required.

Because the brands of any of the component hardware aren’t stated, it’s safe to assume that they’re all made in China.

Now, a dedicated Mini PC brand with so many choices should yet have some integrity.

Furthermore, you are given a long guarantee term, which adds to the product’s dependability.

MSECORE MV100 Mini PC & Variants Price

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Review of the MSECORE MV100 Mini PC


Buy it because: It has good specifications and is reasonably priced.

Beware: There’s almost little room for upgrades, and the latest Bluetooth and WIFI aren’t accessible.

The most effective applications For dual displays, video editing, game creation, and other tasks.


With a tiny form factor, dedicated graphics choices, and a variety of hardware options, the MSECORE MV100 is one of the finest 64 GB RAM desktops available today if you’re searching for a small, OEM desktop.

Design and Construction

Without a question, the MSECORE MV100 is an SFF. The way it organizes all of the components within, though, is what makes it unique.

There are very few PCs that are this tiny and yet have enough room for a full-sized GPU.

The cabinet is of average quality, nothing spectacular, however there are many cooling vents.

Devices from the brand, such as the MV200, now feature a touch of RGB as well, which is regrettably missing from this one.

It is available in two color options, one white and the other black.

It is clearly smaller than any tower PC, measuring 7.28 x 1.77 x 10.43 inches.

The kit also includes a desk bracket, which allows you to position the desktop upright or sideways, depending on your preference.

Three ports and the power button are located on the front (or side, depending on how it is positioned).

The rest of the ports are towards the rear, and a couple of them are clumped together. The orientation might have been changed given the space provided on the rear panel.

But, since everything is dependent on the motherboard, there is nothing that can be done.


The MV100 we’re looking at has a Core i9-9900 CPU, a GTX 1650 GPU, and 16 GB of RAM, which makes for a decent machine, depending on your needs.

Although it is from an earlier generation, the CPU offers a lot of potential for both single and multi-threaded programs.

Even if you run intensive applications, the clock rate varies from 3.0 GHz to 5.0 GHz, so performance is enough for daily use.

However, it is not overclockable, so you’ll need to look for another alternative, such as the MSECORE MV300, which also has the newest Bluetooth and WIFI specifications.

The GTX 1650 GPU also helps the PC perform effectively in graphics-intensive activities.

While it isn’t the best video card for gaming or productivity today, the 4 GB VRAM and overall performance it offers are ideal for low to mid-range applications.

As a result, the desktop may be used for a variety of activities, including designing, video editing, and other similar duties, as long as they aren’t too time-consuming.

Although the existence of vents aids cooling, they aren’t as efficient as those found in a tower desktop.

In terms of the operating system, MSECORE installs Windows 10 Pro by default on these PCs, giving them enhanced security and other professional capabilities.

RAM and storage

In terms of storage, the MV100 offers everything you need, including a 256 GB SSD and a 1 TB hard drive.

The SSD is an NGFF, and although it is fast, it does not have the read and write speeds of a PCIe SSD. If you believe it is necessary, you may replace it with a faster SSD.

After that, there’s 16 GB of RAM, which can be extended to 64 GB.

There are two slots, which is typical for most desktop computers, so it’s handy.

Connectivity and ports

Despite its tiny size, the MSECORE MV100 has a large number of ports, all of which are functional.

While there will be no Type-C connector, there will be plenty of other USB ports.

There are a total of seven of them, with three on one side and the rest on the rear panel.

Now, we didn’t like how some of them were stacked one on top of the other, but connecting cables shouldn’t be an issue.

For connecting additional displays, there are two HDMI connections, a DisplayPort port, and a DVI port.

There is also a LAN connector for wired internet access. There are additional audio ports for speakers and headphones, as well as a microphone.

If you choose Bluetooth and WIFI at the time of purchase, you’ll also get those features.

Features Not Included

The MV100, like all MSECORE PCs, is covered by a standard 2-year warranty.

A desk mount is included in the package, along with other essentials like as the power cord and WIFI antennae.


What Are People Saying About the MSECORE MV100 Mini PC?

The MSECORE MV100 was able to offer a number of customers with exactly what they wanted: a small form factor desktop with a dedicated GPU at a reasonable price.

And, since there are so many options, one should have no trouble choosing one that best fits their requirements.

In terms of design, it is one of the most significant aspects of the desktop that adds to the overall appeal.

There are various brands of SFFs, but only a handful of them can provide dedicated GPUs. It was also discovered that accessing the internal components was not difficult, which is a plus.

We had virtually no performance issues since the specifications were enough, and considering the kind of job it is supposed to accomplish, it performs well.

There was plenty of memory, and the fact that it can handle up to 64 GB of RAM makes it even superior in its class.

It’s true that the MV100’s connection isn’t perfect, both in comparison to its rivals and to other MSECORE devices.

However, since it includes all of the essentials, customers had no trouble connecting the many extras they need.

However, there were some reservations regarding the quality of the hardware utilized.

There is a two-year guarantee, and because there have been no instances of key components failing, purchasers shouldn’t be concerned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth getting a mini PC?

A mini PC can save you money, but it will not always perform as well as a full PC. Q: How much RAM is in a PS4? The PS4 comes with 8GB RAM. Q: Does PS4 PSN have any games that are free

How much do small PCs cost?

A small form PC with the minimum required specifications to run Beat Saber is around $300-$400. This PC will struggle to run Beat Saber with a high refresh rate of 90 FPS. Q: What are the best headsets for Beat Saber? The best headset for Beat Saber is the

Is mini PC cheaper than laptop?

Yes. A mini PC can be way cheaper than a laptop, even a high end laptop. A cheap laptop can cost upwards of $500. A cheap mini PC can cost $100. Q: What is the best graphics card for gaming under $200? For the best graphics

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