One of the most anticipated phones of the year is finally here, and it’s an absolute beast. I’m not going to make any judgement of this phone based on price or specs alone. It’s one of the few products that you should judge on form, fit and feel, plus the added bonuses of what it can do.

The OnePlus 2 was the first phone to use Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 810 processor. It’s also the first phone to use 5.5″ QHD screen (2560 x 1440 pixels) with a Snapdragon 810. Although the processor was the main highlight of the phone, the design of the phone was also excellent.

Taking a look at the OnePlus One, you can clearly see that this phone was designed with a focus on getting the right tech specs to the market. Though there were some that demanded the phone features a full metal body, and the screen should be 1080P to make the perfect phone but OnePlus did not give in to this pressure and allowed the phone to be sold in multiple colors. This device is also the first phone from OnePlus to feature a dual camera setup and a fingerprint sensor. The OnePlus One has since proved that it is a fast device, with the Snapdragon 801 processor. The OnePlus One has also proved that it is a great device for the money, and it has featured in many tech publications for its great camera. And the icing on the

The OnePlus Nord 2, which is identical to its predecessor, was just released by OnePlus. It is a mid-range smartphone with great features and specs that are commensurate with the pricing. Let’s take a look at the OnePlus Nord 2’s features. 

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The Nord 2 features a single front camera and two primary cameras in a rectangular back block. The Nord 2 has a simple design that comes in a wide range of colors. The elegant Gray Sierra or the more fun Blue Haze are the two hues offered in the UK, and both have outstanding fingerprint resistance.

The Nord 2 has a length of 6.4 inches and a weight of 6.7 ounces. The Nord 2 feels solid in the hand, thanks to the curved rear corners, and every element of the display is readily accessible. The rear of the phone is made of plastic. To make the Nord 2 appear more elegant, OnePlus gave it a glass-like surface. However, there is no pretense in terms of materials. 

Although OnePlus claims that the Nord 2 is splash-proof, it lacks a certified IP water/dust resistance certification. The packaging for the Nord 2 is made from recycled materials. Except for the protective covering and the shrink-wrap surrounding the charging brick, all of the inserts have been converted from plastic to paper, making them simple to recycle. Apple and Samsung, on the other hand, do not provide a charging cable, which has certain drawbacks. It’s amazing that OnePlus still includes a charging brick as standard.

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The OnePlus Nord 2 has a 6.43-inch AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90Hz. The front screen is covered by Gorilla Glass 5, which resists scratches, and it has a 20:9 aspect ratio. You’ll also find a pre-applied screen protector in the package, which we recommend leaving on for a while.  

The sides have thin bezels, but the top and bottom have larger bezels. The camera cutout on the upper left merges in seamlessly with the phone, making it less noticeable. Although it has good viewing angles, its outdoor readability is mediocre. 

It features a flat AMOLED screen that looks similar to the Nord’s. OnePlus tweaked MediaTek’s open resource architecture (DORA) and threw in a few AI-focused features like AI color boost and AI resolution increase. The AI color boost works well, and you can notice the difference when watching movies. It’s also compatible with Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, according to OnePlus.

On applications like Prime Video and Netflix, the Nord 2 supports HDR playback and HD streaming. It features a smooth 90Hz refresh rate on the screen. In addition, the phone has an average peak brightness. It currently does not support HDR gaming, however it does support 90 frames per second in certain games. BGMI does not currently support 90 frames per second. 

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The Dimensity 1200-AI by MediaTek chipset is included in the Nord 2. The OnePlus-exclusive “AI” version of the Dimensity chip is said to enhance machine learning capabilities in the phone’s camera and display over the vanilla chip. In terms of storage, OnePlus’ basic memory choices for its newest phones are 8GB or 12GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB of storage. 

The benchmarking applications for the 12GB OnePlus Nord 2 produced amazing results. The Nord 2 scored 786 on the single-core test and 2,757 in the multi-core test on Geekbench 5. This result outperforms Samsung Galaxy A52 5G (645 and 1,903) and Google Pixel 4a 5G (598 and 1,614), all of which are powered by Snapdragon 750G Snapdragon 765G. 

The Nord 2 performed well in 3DMark’s WildLife Unlimited graphics performance test. The OnePlus scored 4,185 points and had an average frame rate of 25.1 frames per second, whereas the Galaxy A52 scored 1,106 points and had a frame rate of 6.6 frames per second. So switching from Snapdragon to Dimensity processors was beneficial to the Nord 2.

The OnePlus Nord 2’s gameplay is very smooth in basic graphics mode, but it can’t handle higher graphical settings without stuttering. 

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The main sensor on the OnePlus Nord 2 is a 50MP Sony IMX766 (f/1.88) with optical picture stabilization. The ultra-wide camera on the OnePlus 9/9 Pro has a comparable sensor, as well as an 8MP ultra-wide lens (f/2.25) and a 2MP mono lens (f/2.4). It has a 32MP single selfie camera, which may look like a downgrade from the Nord’s dual selfie camera. OnePlus, on the other hand, utilized a better sensor, the Sony IMX615, which is fantastic. 

The OnePlus Nord 2 foregoes the standard OnePlus camera software in favor of ColorOS’s camera app, which offers a variety of settings on the screen. Regardless, the fact that the OnePlus Nord 2 has a competent main camera that isn’t limited to daytime is intriguing. Even so, the performance in low-light using Night mode is outstanding. 

The main camera is capable of capturing pictures with little noise and good color reproduction. The saturation, dynamic range, and white balance all performed well. The HDR mode performed well in this case, and we recommend that you use it to capture pictures that are appealing and worthy of sharing on social media. The color balance is not harmed by the HDR settings, which is fantastic. The pictures are more detailed thanks to the 50MP shots. 

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The color tuning has improved now that the phone utilizes Oppo’s camera app. The app also has a variety of camera shooting settings. You’ll find a new dual-view video option under the “more” option in the camera app, which captures video from both the front and back cameras at the same time. Aside from that, the screen has AI beauty, AI, filters, and HDR. 

Furthermore, the Nord 2 makes use of AI technology to detect 22 various senses, such as inside, food, and adjust the color and contrast level accordingly. Additionally, during video recording, AI video enhancement is available, which adds more color and contrast to the footage. 

Even while the Nord 2’s daytime performance is excellent and it puts it ahead of the competition, it makes a huge jump in low-light situations. When the night mode capabilities are enabled, the Nord 2 produces stunning pictures with little detail loss. Carrying colors and highlights, as well as the pictures, adds a little of noise. Because it lacks a macro sensor, it takes excellent pictures at 2x and 5x zoom. The 5x zoom was able to get some incredible close-ups.

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The 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera offers a wider field of view, and it performs well during the day but struggles with details and color at night. The 2MP mono lens is capable of capturing black and white images, which are best taken during the day.

A 32MP Sony IMX615, which is currently the most prominent front camera sensor on any OnePlus phone, is in charge of selfies. The selfies turned out to be pretty nice. For selfies, the AI system can recognize around 10 faces. With the slier, you can also select how much bokeh you want.  

In terms of video recording, the phone is capable of 4K 30fps, but the hardware is capable of 4K 60fps. The phone performed well in terms of quality, and the OIS made the whole process easy and enjoyable. 

In conclusion, the OnePlus Nord 2 offers a great pair of cameras that provide outstanding all-around performance (day, night, selfies, and videos). Within that price range, the OnePlus Nord is the finest camera phone.

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The OnePlus Nord 2 has a 4,500mAh battery, which is almost 10% larger than the Nord. It also has a 65W in-box charger (Type-A to Type-C). The battery life is somewhat better than the Nord, but it might be much better.

In terms of charging, the OnePlus Nord 2 will wow you with its incredibly quick 65W fast charging, which can charge the phone from 0 to 100% in less than 30 minutes. We repeated the test many times and were able to charge the phone in or under 30 minutes each time. For a phone, 50% of the charge occurs in the first 10 minutes, which is incredible. 

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Display FHD, 6.43-inch AMOLED
Rate of refresh 90/60 Hz (fixed)
Cameras in the back  2MP mono (f/2.5), 50MP main (f/1.88), 8MP ultrawide (f/2.25), 50MP main (f/1.88).
front-facing camera  32 Megapixel Selfie (f2.45)
Chipset  MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI
Storage  128GB/256GB
Battery 4,500 mAh
Charging 65W wired
System software OxygenOS 11.3 on Android 11
Size The dimensions are 6.25 x 2.88 x 0.32 inches (158.9 x 73.2 x 8.25 mm)
Weight 6.67 fluid ounces (189g)
Resistance to water and dust “splash-proof” is a term used to describe a product that is resistant to (no IP rating)

The OnePlus Nord 2 has been available for regular sales in India, Europe, and the United Kingdom from July 28. It’s available through OnePlus’ online shops, as well as O2 and Three’s mobile networks, John Lewis, and Amazon. You may pick between two models: a £399 model with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage or a £469 model with 12GB and 256GB storage. 

The OnePlus Nord isn’t available in the United States. Instead, the OnePlus Nord N10 and OnePlus Nord N200 are the company’s current mid-range products. These are excellent gadgets for the money, however they fall short of the Nord 2 in terms of quality.

The OnePlus Nord 2 is a good option if you care about display quality and charging speed, but it’s not the greatest phone for performance. If you’re interested phone photography, the Nord 2 falls short of its rivals in terms of picture quality (Google Pixel 4a 5G or an iPhone SE).

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