To unlock this trophy/achievement, you must complete the first chapter of Resident Evil 6. If you have played the game before, you will know that completing Chapter 1 involves a lot of trial and error, and you will quickly find that it is not very rewarding because you have to complete this chapter several times before you get most of the unique weapons and items that you need. If you have played the game before, you know that the game is pretty unforgiving when it comes to getting killed.

In Resident Evil 7, you will unlock the Lucky Number 7 achievement by finding the 7-leaf Clover in the game and shooting it with the handgun. If you’re a fan of the Resident Evil series, you’ll know that it’s actually possible to find the 7-leaf Clover in the first Resident Evil game, but it requires a lot of luck and medium-level difficulty. This guide will explain how to unlock the Lucky Number 7 achievement, without having to play Resident Evil 7 on medium difficulty.

Resident Evil has never been the kind of game you easily get a Platinum Trophy for, but with the new PS4 and Xbox One versions, you might have a shot. I will walk you through on how to unlock all the trophies for the game in a simple and easy way.

Resident Evil Village contains 49 achievements and trophies, plus a platinum trophy for PlayStation users only. One of the many challenges in the survival game is called Lucky Number 7 and requires the player to hold for exactly ,777, 777 or 77,777 lei. You will also earn 14,000 challenge points. By completing certain quests in Resident Evil Village, you can not only earn a Gamerscore or standard trophy, but also reward yourself with in-game challenge points through the challenge system. These points can be redeemed for weapon upgrades in the store to get additional content after the first playthrough of the game. For example, this is the only legal way to get unlimited ammo. In this Resident Evil Village guide, you will learn how to successfully complete the Lucky Number 7 game and achieve the Lucky Number 7 achievement (45) and the trophy (Bronze).

How to unlock the lucky number 7 in Resident Evil Village

word-image-9937 The easiest way is to save in a new game+. With this tip, you can save your fortune, whatever it may be, and make it seven. If you want to complete this challenge without losing Leia, you can use the same save trick as for the infinite ammo problem. You have a lot of lei to trade here, so it might be in your best interest to limit the number of repeated passes. Make sure you have purchased WCX from the Extra Content Store before downloading the backup. It’ll cost you 30,000 challenge points, but since you still have to play the game to unlock the extra content store, you’ll have plenty to spend. If not, try a few other challenges to earn points before going back to this one, as without WCX it may prove unnecessarily difficult. word-image-9938 When you have bought a weapon, load your savegame and go to Duke’s Emporium where you have to buy a WCX for 200 lei and a recipe for rifle ammunition for 10,000 lei. Both options are available under Accessories. To make shotgun shells, you need: 1x scrap metal; 1x rust; 1x a chemical liquid. If you do, you’ll get 20 bullets, which you can sell to the Duke for 7 lei each in the Duke’s Bag section. Sell a ball to Duke. Therefore, the last digit should be a seven if it currently ends in a zero. If it ends up at five now, it will end up at two now, which is good. Now they sell handgun ammunition. Each ball is sold for 15 lei. So if your current wealth ends in seven, make sure you sell an even number of bullets. If it ends in two, you are selling an odd number of shots. The task is to make a seven or a two from the second to last digit. Sell enough small arms ammo to do this, and you should get the last two numbers, either 27 or 77. At this point you can proceed to setting the penultimate digit. The discharge of hundreds is done by purchasing small arms cartridges at 150 lei each. As with setting the previous number, you must make an even number of purchases if your 10s number is a seven, or an odd number of purchases if it is a two. This time you have to make sure that the last three numbers are all sevens. You don’t want to see a B at 100. Once you’ve seen the triple seven, it’s time to make the final push. The final step is to make purchases for 1,000 and 10,000 lei to bring the final number to seven. Remember, it doesn’t matter how many sales you can make – 777, 7,777 or 77,777, so there are several options here. But the quickest way is to buy at the price closest to you. Buy ammo for sniper rifles for 1,000 lei each or magnum ammo for 10,000 lei, and so on until you’ve sold all seven for the next issue. When this is done, complete the command Resident Evil Village Lucky Number 7. Get 14,000 challenge points and unlock an achievement or trophy. For more information about Resident Evil 8, please visit our tips and tricks center.The Resident Evil franchise is a series of survival horror games created by Capcom in 1998. The games focus on the story of a variety of characters who are trapped in a facility, with the player controlling one of the characters and tasked with escaping. The games have also featured a large number of collectible items and unlockable content, earning them the reputation of having one of the most comprehensive game communities on the internet. The “Lucky Number 7” trophy takes a bit of work, but it can be unlocked in all Resident Evil games.. Read more about re8 anniversary present challenge and let us know what you think.

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