Resident Evil Village is the biggest and best zombie game ever created. In this game, you play as Leon Kennedy, a special forces member who has been captured and forced to fight against the resident zombies for survival. The game is full of fun characters, beautiful locations, and some of the most scary moments in gaming.

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The village in Resident Evil is home to all sorts of animals, including fish, pigs and chickens, which are usually hunted for food and ingredients. You can also find crows scattered all over the world. They don’t give you valuable items like the other animals, but if you shoot five of them in the air, you get an achievement and a trophy called Squawk Shot. Not only do you get 15 Gamerscore or a bronze trophy, but you also get 7,000 challenge points through the in-game challenge system. These can be used after the first playthrough of the game to buy weapons and upgrades, such as. B. infinite ammo, can be used in the shop for extra content. In this Resident Evil Village Squawk Shot guide, learn how to complete this challenge quickly and easily to earn those points.

How to unlock Squawk Shot in Resident Evil Village

word-image-10033 This achievement and trophy in the game Resident Evil Village is not as difficult as others. The easiest way to win is to scare the crows away by approaching or shooting them. This will make them panic and they will fly up in the air, so you can shoot them with a machine gun and get 20% further in the mission. Crows are found throughout the game, but there are a few moments in the story that absolutely stand out during this quest. The first is at the very beginning of the game, right after you open the castle door by entering the girl’s weapon and the demon’s weapon. In the small wooden house where you found Maiden Ridge, next to the graveyard, you’ll find the first save point of the game. Remember the location of this house; after you find the demon cross, go back and save yourself by the typewriter. word-image-10034 When you find the two coats of arms, you can open the castle door. Exit the house and go through the small door on the opposite side and to the right, then walk to the castle gate between the two torches on your right. This is one of the easiest puzzles in the game. Insert the two combs into the slots provided and turn them in the desired pattern. The door opens. Go through the gate and you will see a small bridge in front of you with two crows on the other side. Run to the crows to scare them off. They will try to run away, so aim quickly and try to knock them both out of the sky. If you kill an animal and have never killed one before, you get the achievement and the hunter trophy as a bonus. word-image-10035 If the crows run away or get shot, pause the game and click restart. This takes you back to the economy of the typewriter. You don’t have to kill five crows individually, and technically, you don’t even have to kill five crows in one round. You can just cancel the save and kill the same crows again. Use the two combs again to open the castle door and start shooting the two crows. After killing a total of five crows in the air, you will receive a Squawk Shot. Since you’re going through the same area over and over again, you don’t have to worry about how much ammo you have, so don’t be too careful when shooting birds. It’s better to aim well and shoot like crazy, and two of your shots should hit the target. If you’ve completed an achievement or won a trophy, you can come back one last time to refill your ammo before moving on. Find out how to get the Resident Evil Village Squawk Shot achievement and trophy for killing five crows in the game. For more information on Resident Evil 8, visit our Guides page for more tips and tricks.

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