Samsung has a built-in service menu for its cars to fix problems. Today, we are going to show you how it works and how long the process takes! We also have instructions on what your options are in case you need help with any other car functions.

The “samsung tv dimming problem 2021” is a problem that has been present for a while. Samsung has released an update to fix the issue.

Samsung Auto Dimming Service Menu (Solved!)


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If you have a Samsung TV or monitor with an auto-dimming option and don’t like how it works, you may change the settings using the service menu. The service menu is a hidden menu with extensive options for modifying the settings of your TV or monitor.

What Is Samsung Auto-Dimming Service and How Does It Work?

Some Samsung TVs include a built-in function that enables you to regulate the brightness of the screen called the Samsung auto-dimming service menu.

The menu, which can be accessible through the remote control, enables you to alter the brightness level in regular or high-definition modes. For each input modality, you may also choose a desired brightness level.

What Is the Samsung Service Menu and How Do I Use It?

A Samsung service menu is a secret menu that may be used to diagnose and resolve different Samsung device problems.

By dialing a unique code into the phone’s dialer, you may get access to it. This menu includes a number of tools and options for resolving common issues, including:

  • Restarting your computer or device
  • Resetting your smartphone to factory settings
  • Delete the cache partition
  • Software updates are being checked.
  • Diagnostic tests are being performed
  • And there are many more.

The Samsung service menu may be able to assist you if you’re having issues with your Samsung smartphone.

Fix for Samsung TV Auto-Dimming

If your Samsung TV dims automatically, it’s most likely because the light sensor is filthy. To clean the sensor and repair the issue, follow these steps:

1. Unplug the television and allow it to cool fully. 2. Look for a tiny hole around the TV’s bottom edge. To open the sensor cover, you’ll need to put a pin or paper clip here. 3. Wipe the sensor down with a soft cloth. Make sure you don’t touch or damage the sensor. 4. Plug in the TV and close the sensor cover. The problem with auto-dimming should now be resolved.

If your Samsung TV continues to auto-dim after completing these procedures, please contact customer service. Your Samsung TV will be troubleshooted by a customer support professional.

In Game Mode, Fix Samsung Auto-Dimming Service Menu

When gaming on eoms Samsung devices, the Samsung audio dimming feature may be triggered. Here’s how to get it fixed:

  1. Change the HDMI name to PC: from the Home Menu.



2. Select Picture from the drop-down menu under Settings. 


3. Select Dynamic Preset from the drop-down menu.


This implies you won’t be able to eliminate game mode, but you will be able to deactivate certain options. This option, on the other hand, will provide you with minimum input latency and a great visual. 

Service Menu for Samsung Q70

If you have a Samsung Q70 and need to go into the service menu, it’s simple. Simply take these few steps:

1. Press the Menu button on your remote control after turning on your television. 2. Select Setup using the arrow buttons and click the Enter key. 3. Select Support using the arrow buttons and click the Enter key. 4. Select Service Menu with the arrow buttons and click the Enter key.

You should now be on the menu for service. You may make a variety of modifications to your TV’s settings from here. Be cautious, since some of these alterations may be permanent. Before you start messing with the settings, be sure you know what you’re doing.

Service Mode Samsung Ua32n4003arxxl

On the Samsung UA32N4003ARXXL TV, there are a few options for entering service mode. The service menu may be accessed by pressing and holding the Menu button on the remote control for roughly 5 seconds.

The Service Menu Code is another option. The Service Menu Code may be found in the User Manual for your television.

Enter the Service Menu Code and then press the Enter button on your remote control to enter service mode.

You may alter numerous settings on your TV after you’re in service mode. If you don’t quit service mode once you’ve done modifying settings, you can have difficulties with your TV.

Turning Off Samsung TV’s Auto-Dimming

If you have a Samsung TV with auto-dimming, you may have observed that it goes off or dims on its own from time to time. This may be really aggravating, but there is a solution.

The steps are as follows:

1. Check to see whether your television is switched on. 2. On your remote control, press the Menu button. 3. Select Advanced Settings from the Settings menu. 4. Press the Enter key after selecting LCD Panel. 5. Press the Enter key after changing the Dim Level from Auto to Manual. 6. Using the up and down arrow buttons, alter the Dim Level to whatever you like. When you’ve finished making your adjustments, press the Enter key. 7. If Adaptive Backlight isn’t already turned off, go to Picture Options and toggle it off. 8. Turn your TV off entirely before turning it back on. That should enough. If you found this tutorial useful, please like and share it to let others know that it works.

If this doesn’t work, try the following steps:

1. Unplug your television for a few minutes before plugging it back in. 2. Press the Menu button on your remote control and choose System > Reset > Reset the TV to reset your TV. 3. Press the Menu button on your remote control and choose System > Reset > Factory Reset to perform a factory reset on your TV.

If none of these suggestions work, there may be a hardware issue with your TV, and you’ll need to contact Samsung for assistance.

On or Off Local Dimming Samsung

Local dimming is one of the many options on your Samsung TV to experiment with.

There are two possibilities for this setting in the photo settings menu: on and off.

So, what exactly does this setting accomplish, and which should you pick?

Local dimming is a function that allows you to modify the brightness of your screen based on what you’re seeing.

Dark situations will be darker and bright ones will be brighter with local dimming enabled. This is accomplished by dividing the screen into zones and independently changing the brightness of each zone.

When local dimming is off, the brightness of the whole screen is automatically changed depending on the content.

So, which one do you think you should go with? It depends entirely on what you’re seeing. If you’re viewing a movie with a lot of gloomy parts, local dimming should be enabled.

Local dimming should be turned off if you’re viewing a program with a lot of bright scenes.

Remember that depending on what you’re seeing, you can always adjust the settings. So play around with both options to discover which one suits you best.

Secret Menu on Samsung TV

If you own a Samsung television, you may be interested in learning about the hidden menu on your set. This menu lets you adjust settings and features that aren’t generally accessible from the main menus.

To get to the hidden menu, hit the “Menu” button on your remote control, then scroll down to “Settings” using the arrow buttons. Once there, use the arrow keys to scroll down to “Advanced Settings,” then click the “Enter” key.

Use the arrow buttons to scroll down to “Service Menu” and hit the “Enter” button once you’re in the advanced settings menu. This will open a menu where you may modify a variety of options.

Simply hit “Menu” on your remote to return to the standard menus and leave the hidden menu.


Samsung is a well-known and well-known brand. Samsung is preferred by many over lesser-known manufacturers like as TCL. Samsung, on the other hand, has significant flaws, such as the dimming service issue. The Samsung auto-dimming service menu is an excellent method to alter your screen’s brightness. It’s simple to use and may be tailored to your specific requirements.

The Samsung auto-dimming service menu is a terrific tool to have whether you want to change the brightness for reading or watching movies.

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The “Samsung tv dimming with eco mode off” is a problem that has been present for a while. Samsung released an update to fix the issue. Reference: samsung tv dimming with eco mode off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my Samsung TV from auto dimming?

A: You cant stop your TV from auto dimming.

How do I turn off local dimming on my Samsung?

A: On your Samsung TV remote, there should be a button that says Local Dimming on it. If not, search for the word local dimming in Google and click to find out how to turn off local dimming.

How do I access the secret service menu on my Samsung TV?

A: Samsung TVs often have a secret service menu that can be accessed with the remote. It is typically hidden in one of the menus such as home or menu.

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