The Odyssey G9 Neo is a new monitor from Samsung that boasts an astounding 3440 x 1440 resolution.

The “samsung odyssey g9 vs neo g9” is a comparison of the Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo and the Samsung Odyssey G9. The review has pros and cons, but ultimately concludes that the Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo is not worth it.

Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo Review: Super-wide is Complicated

All that putting it together and then dismantling it to load it back into the box by myself had better be worth it. Because, like how difficult it was to set up, the Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo is a difficult monitor to recommend in any case. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some redeeming aspects, and to be honest, you’ll have to decide for yourself if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and here’s our Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo Review.


The Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo has the following specifications, which we acquired from them:

  • Mini LED DQHD Display with 32:9 Aspect Ratio, 49″ (VA Panel)
  • HDR10+ Supported by a 1 millisecond response time
  • Supports G-Sync and FreeSync Premium Pro with refresh rates up to 240Hz.
  • Curve display 1000R
  • Tilt, swivel, and height adjustments are available, as well as a headphone stand on the rear.

It’s a very wide and immersive experience.

Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo

You will notice how lovely the monitor is the instant you put it together and place it on your table, showcasing everything in all of its brilliance with the display turned off. The super-wide aspect ratio seems to provide an immersive experience that a 16:9 display can not provide.


The stand is large enough to hold the colossal show. While the display isn’t completely covered, there are black bezels all around it. Otherwise, it’s a nice-looking display that gives the sense of being quite immersive. But honestly, good luck putting it together by yourself because it’s the most difficult thing to do since it’s so heavy.

The Curve is required, but not this Curvy Curve.


A typical 16:9 aspect display, in my opinion, does not need curvature. 21:9 can have a curve and yet be okay without it, which is how I like it. As previously said, the Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo is a lengthy monitor that requires the curve to get the display as near to your eyes as possible. Instead of having it curve at 1800R, Samsung made it curve much more at 1000R. It takes a long time to get acclimated to this curve. The Human eye “inspired” the curve, although to be honest, it’s a really aggressive curve.


Making it this curving is, in some ways, beneficial because it puts everything closer together, but that’s the problem. Because the display isn’t totally near and just portions of it are, your eyes will have to work hard to adjust to the distance as you travel across it. Curving it at 1700-1800R not only retains the curve at a reasonable level, but it also stops the eyes from straining too much as they go from the closest portion of the display to the furthest point.

Horizontal Space is sacrificed at the expense of vertical space.

The display real-estate or area on a monitor is one of the most significant features. The Odyssey G9 Neo doesn’t quite fit into a proper 49-inch display, unlike a flat 16:9 panel that means exactly what it says. Allow me to explain. The Odyssey G9 Neo is a 49-inch monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 5120 x 1440 pixels, which means there is more horizontal area than vertical space. As a result, you give up a lot of vertical room in exchange for a lot of horizontal area. Although it seems to be two 27″ monitors, it does not work as such.

When you connect two 27″ monitors, the system interprets them as two separate 27″ displays, so you don’t lose much vertical space. However, in the case of the Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo, you get two 27″ inch displays integrated into one and connected through a single connector, so things are a little different.

This may seem to be a little stumbling block, but it is a major one. Showing a video on how much you gaze in the vertical space is an excellent example. The majority of the video we view is in the standard 16:9 aspect ratio, and you can see how much vertical information you’re missing with the assistance of a plugin. This is a significant thing for someone like myself who need a certain amount of space to be able to appreciate it.

The enchantment doesn’t endure too long.

The problem with the Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo is that the enchantment doesn’t last long, and we’re not the only ones who think so. Despite the many accolades on their website, I do not believe it is warranted.

Gaming makes me sick.


It depends on how you look at gaming whether you believe it would be enjoyable. It’s OK to play 2D games that don’t put much of a strain on the graphics hardware or the content itself. It’s OK to watch games like Carrion. But that’s where it comes to an end. The gaming experience on the super-wide aspect ratio is sickening, for want of a better description. That type of experience is provided by more than simply one display. Any 21:9 or 32:9 will undoubtedly do so.


When playing a 3D graphics game like Horizon Zero Dawn, the field of vision influences the game, making the display seem good in the centre but twisted on the sides since it can’t show the information correctly. That is not how our eyes work. What we perceive in our peripheral vision is identical to what we see directly in front of us. Although some games allow you to change the field of view, it still gives you that unpleasant sensation.


To make things worse, fast-paced games like Doom: Eternal are a tremendous pain to play since you move about a lot, which causes the warp, and the motion makes you ill enough that you want to close your eyes. It doesn’t stop there, however. Some games do not support super-wide ratios. As a result, you’ll need to play these games with the black bars on the sides. There are modifications to use, however doing so makes things a lot more difficult since the options for changing FOV don’t transfer properly. So, sure, gaming on this screen is a massive no-no. You are free to play, but do so at your own risk.

In fact, you should watch a film made by the people at at TechCritter that goes a bit further than what we’ve mentioned.

You’ll get distracted.


Because you have such a large area in front of you, you are likely to get incredibly distracted because you don’t know where to concentrate. We have one screen, smack dab in the center of a typical monitor, and everything is right there. Things are everywhere on a super-wide screen like this Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo, and you’re sure to be sidetracked more than ever. The massive movement across the screen when you maximize some tabs might be disturbing.

There are several major quality control difficulties.


Curved displays are prone to breakage. The wider the monitor, the more brittle it is. When you combine the two, you create a product that is quite difficult to deal with. We’ve had this monitor for three weeks and have had several strange difficulties with it, including the image abruptly fading out and refusing to supply input unless we manually remove and reattach the cords.

Second, we spotted several dead pixels on the 49″ panel during our display test, which is disappointing. This might simply be our unit coming out of the box, but Verge also stated that their review unit had some quality control difficulties. As a result, you must exercise extreme caution while receiving yours.

Finally, a VA Panel at a Reasonable Price…


Displays have gone a long way, and today’s VA panel performs an excellent job. Unfortunately, spending top bucks for a VA screen feels unsatisfying, considering that the Acer Predator X27 monitor I use on a daily basis has a superior Quantum Dot Display with an IPS panel and is equally priced. This display has various positive features, such as excellent brightness zones spanning from 300 to 2000 cd/m2.


You can notice the color change as you move and see it from various angles since it’s a curve display. The HDR performance is also hit-or-miss, as it works great sometimes and not so well other times. The on-board interface, which employs a joystick controller and has three rapid setup options, is one feature I like about this display.

A variety of elements influence the experience, making it less adaptable.


Here’s the deal: It’s not feasible to buy the Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo and receive the immersive experience straight out of the box. Given that your monitor is not just broad but also curvy, you’ll need additional work space to fit it without feeling claustrophobic. I personally placed this monitor on my Balak’s table at a distance of 90cm. However, since the stand alone takes up roughly 30cm of the desk area, the display is near to 60cm.

So, if you place this monitor on a 60cm table, you’ll lose a lot of work space and have the display right in your face. So, before you purchase anything, think about it.


Before you spend RM9000 on it…


“It’s the greatest monitor you can purchase,” or “It’s the endgame display for the ultimate Desktop Setup,” would be the majority of responses. It doesn’t belong in either category. Giving credit where credit is due, the Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo is an ambitious monitor in terms of providing users with an experimental experience, but it’s not a monitor I’d recommend to users with that kind of spending power, which means even if you have RM9000 to burn on one, it’s not a smart idea.

Surprisingly, this display is available for as little as RM6000-7000. So, if you do want one, shop wisely. But, for me, I’m going back to my beloved Predator X27, which has a nice 16:9 aspect ratio and is all I need.


The “odyssey neo g9 price” is a new gaming monitor from Samsung. It has the same features as the Odyssey GX800, but with a lower price tag.

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