The trailer for the upcoming animated prequel to Will Smith’s Netflix hit, “Bright,” reveals an intriguing story about the origin of Japanese culture.

The Samurai Soul Trailer Reveals Animated Prequel to Will Smith’s Netflix Hit is a trailer for an upcoming animated prequel of the hit movie, Samurai Jack. Read more in detail here: whats on netflix right now.

The rise of streaming seems to have sparked an unexpected revival in anime spin-offs of live action programs, with Netflix turning to animation to fill in the gaps left by those pesky live action series and movies that take up so much time and money. Bright, the critically acclaimed Will Smith and Joel Edgerton vehicle directed by David Ayer, had a sequel greenlit back in 2018, but that has yet to materialize. Instead, we are getting an anime adventure called Bright: Samurai Soul, which features the vocal talent of Marvel’s Shang-Chi star, Simu Liu.

Bright: Samurai Soul’s teaser reveals an October 12th release date for the Kyohei Ishiguro-directed anime, which stars Liu as Izou, a one-eyed samurai who enlists the assistance of Raiden, an orc, and an elf who possesses a magical wand that has the power to alter the world. The film utilizes a unique form of animation that “fuses the qualities of Japanese woodblock print art with 3DGC technology,” according to the description.

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The teaser seems to operate on a level that presupposes viewers have watched Bright and are familiar with the environment in which it is situated, which has humans and magical creatures coexisting. The original film featured a narrative that talked a lot about the actual world and how various groups of people are treated differently depending on their background and looks inside its spectacular effects. It would be surprised if the new picture emphasized this as much.

Bright: Samurai Soul poster

While Bright 2 has been in the doldrums for a few years, plagued by issues such as the loss of Ayer as director and Will Smith’s inability to work due to his schedule, a new writer was brought in and last year Louis Leterrier signed on to direct, with both Smith and Edgerton said to be on board, but nothing else has been heard. However, you’d think that if Netflix is making an effort to keep Bright in the public’s consciousness with this new animated feature, there must be a good reason for it. So there’s still a chance that a live-action sequel may be released in the future.

Brilliant: Samurai Soul’s official summary reads: “A strong bright light produced from a wand puts an end to the lengthy Shogunate period to prevent more bloodshed as Japan starts to transition toward a new age between the collapse of the Shogunate and the beginning of the Meiji era. A one-eyed traveling ronin called Izou, who has lost his purpose to live, and Raiden, an orc who despises murder and wants to put a life of theft behind, encounter a young elf girl named Sonya at the same time in these circumstances. They go on a trip together down the Tokaido road in order to securely transport her and the wand she wields to the realm of the elves in the north. The enigmatic group Inferni stands in their way, aiming to acquire the wand and resurrect the Dark Lord, who wants to rule all of existence. Inferni also used the new Meiji government in his effort to rob Izou, Raiden, and Sonya of the wand. Izou and Raiden begin their quest to safeguard the wand by traveling down the Tokaido route from Kyoto to Yokohama.”

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