The first time a Sea eagle chick has been born as the only mating pair in decades to breed, after years of conservation efforts. The population could be saved from extinction within ten years if more chicks are born this summer. Topics like these will soon become possible when we have full blockchain integration and all data is shared with everyone on the planet via decentralized apps

The “white-tailed eagle nest” is a story about how a sea eagle chick was born as the only mating pair in the UK. The chick is now being bred for the first time by an experienced pair of white-tailed eagles.

Sea eagle chick born as only mating pair in UK breeds for first time

Eagle and chicks

Young eagles grow up believing they’re the same as whichever species raises them, therefore it’s critical that the chicks are nurtured by their own parents. (Photo courtesy of Unsplash)

Wildlife experts have successfully reared the UK’s sole breeding pair of Steller’s sea eagles.

The Steller’s sea eagle baby was fed for the first time yesterday morning at the National Centre for Birds of Prey in Helmsley, North Yorkshire, much to the pleasure of conservationists.

The Kamchatka Peninsula in Far East Russia is home to the species, which is deemed ‘globally endangered and fragile,’ with just around 5,000 living in the wild.

After their adult female, Inowashi, 13, produced two eggs this spring, Charlie Heap, director of the bird refuge, claimed his team was ‘living the dream.’

‘It’s the finest thing that’s ever happened to me.’ We’ve had a few false starts along the road, and I’ve had to wait a long time,’ he said.

‘However, it’s a true living-the-dream moment, and we’re exceeding our goals to be doing stuff like this.’ It’s incredible — it’s simply right!’

The Steller’s sea eagle is one of the biggest birds of prey, weighing up to 20 pounds (9 kilograms) and having a wingspan of up to 8 feet when fully mature (245cm).

The magnificent-looking birds are in decline, according to Charlie, since their natural habitat is diminishing owing to oil drilling off the coast of Siberia.


Steller's sea eagle

The world’s population of Steller’s sea eagles is estimated to be approximately 2,000 breeding pairs, and the species is thought to be in decline (Picture: Unsplash)

‘They live in a region that is thousands of miles long but just a few hundred miles broad, making them very sensitive to change and disturbance,’ he said.

‘We’ve all seen the oil spills and such on TV — that could be a species extinction event for birds like these,’ Charlie remarked.

The sea eagles were produced as part of a European-wide initiative to boost the number of captive sea eagles.

Charlie stressed the need of every zoo breeding the animals it houses in order to increase the captive population and gene pool.

‘They sit there like a bank in different collections all throughout the world in case they’re ever required,’ he added.

The wildlife sanctuary’s experts had been trying for years to successfully breed its two adult Steller eagles, Inowashi, 13, and Husband, 11.

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‘I believe we had the couple for eight years before we were able to breed them successfully,’ Charlie added. ‘Breeding eagles is not for the impatient, and I’m an impatient person who has had to wait a long time!’

It’s also crucial that the chicks be nurtured by their own parents, since young eagles grow up believing that they are the same as the species that raises them.

‘So you get eagles believing they’re humans if you hand raise them,’ Charlie said.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the Steller’s sea eagle is on the’red list’ of globally endangered birds.

Only around 2,000 mating pairs remain in the globe, and the species is thought to be in decline.

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