The Seattle Seahawks had a chance to seal the game against the Philadelphia Eagles and take home their first NFC Championship. The teams were at mid-field, with about two minutes left in that last quarter. Then this happened:

A Seattle Seahawks fan was so upset that the game ended in a tie, that he threw his TV out of frustration. The Seahawks lost to the Packers, and the fan felt like he had been robbed. Read more in detail here: seahawks championships.

Seahawks Fans Lose It After Missed Pass Interference

DeeJay Dallas

Getty The Rams were not penalized for pass interference by the referees.

The Seattle Seahawks dropped to 5-9 on the season after losing 20-10 to the Los Angeles Rams on Tuesday, December 21. The team had a chance to equalize late in the game, but a missed pass interference penalty sealed the defeat and sparked wrath among the fans.

Late in the fourth quarter, the play happened. On fourth-and-six, Russell Wilson attempted a ball down the sideline to DeeJay Dallas, but rookie defender Ernest Jones came too early and collided with the Seahawks running back. Despite the fact that the ball was incomplete, the officials did not flag pass interference. While Dallas committed a penalty, the Rams took over on downs.

The running back stepped up and booted the football while arguing his case, clearly irritated. Dallas was called for unsportsmanlike behavior, and the Rams were penalized, bringing them even closer to field goal range. While the presenters explained the missed calls and the spectators voiced indignation, the home team scored the game-winning field goal and improved to 10 victories on the season.

“The fix was in the minute the [NFL] postponed this game to give the Rams more time to recover.” During the game, one individual wrote, “Two shamefully terrible, game-altering calls that the officials utterly f***** up.” Others chimed on, claiming that officials continue to make poor choices when it comes to sports.

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A Super Bowl Champion Voiced His Dissatisfaction

On Tuesday, December 21, Seahawks fans were not the only ones who expressed their unhappiness with the missed pass interference penalty. Tony Dungy, the Super Bowl-winning head coach, also chimed in with his opinions on the game-winning decision.

Dungy wrote, “I’m sorry, but the deep officiating in the Seattle Rams game has been horrible.” “Big game-changing decisions on holding and pass interference that were nowhere near correct. It’s difficult to believe authorities are that far away.”

Dungy went on to say that he disagreed with the notion that the league had rigged the game to give the Rams their 10th victory of the season. Instead, he claimed that both sides of the field had made bad calls. He also said that there were numerous questionable calls in the Vikings’ game against the Bears on Monday, December 20.

After the defeat against the Rams, head coach Pete Carroll remarked, “I’m not bellyaching about that decision.” “We didn’t finish the game because we didn’t make all of the other plays we needed to win.” The play “didn’t look good” on replay, according to the coach.

Other Penalties Contributed to the Loss

The Seahawks, who were shorthanded, were far from ideal. Cooper Kupp scored two touchdowns against the defense. The squad went from third-and-one to third-and-six when Rashaad Penny had a false start. Wilson threw a touchdown pass to DK Metcalf that he missed. Jalen Ramsey, on the other hand, broke it up and forced a punt.

These errors, as well as several early penalties that sparked more discussion, contributed to the Seahawks’ defeat. The first was Alton Robinson’s roughing the punter penalty when he collided with Johnny Hekker’s leg. Although the penalty did not result in a first down, it did put the Rams in field goal range for the game’s opening three points.

The Tacoma News Tribune’s Gregg Bell tweeted, “Punter Hollywood acting, falling down as Seahawks’ Alton Robinson goes past him.” “Because of the 5-yard penalty, the Rams will now attempt a 55-yard field goal.” The veteran beat reporter went on to compare Hekker’s spin to storm victims from “The Wizard of Oz.”

Near the conclusion of the first quarter, the second penalty was called. The refs penalized pass interference on reserve cornerback Bless Austin after Matthew Stafford launched a ball targeted for Odell Beckham Jr. Instead of forcing the Rams to punt, this penalty landed them in enemy territory.

After the pass interference, the Seahawks were able to avoid giving up any more scores. Stafford attempted to throw to Kupp, but Quandre Diggs intercepted it for his sixth interception of the season. The Rams’ drive came to a stop on this play, and Wilson and the offense were able to return to the field.

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