Tom Brady, one of the most successful quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL, announced his retirement from football on Monday. The 40-year old has held every major career passing record for the New England Patriots and is set to enter a 5th Super Bowl with them this weekend. Experts agree that he will be remembered as one of the greatest players in history by both fans and fellow athletes alike.,

The “tom brady retirement 2021” is a reaction to the news that Tom Brady has retired from the NFL after 22 seasons. The sports world has been reacting to this news and some people are sad, while others are happy for him.

Sports world reacts to Tom Brady’s retirement from NFL after 22 seasons

Tom Brady, Patriots, Buccaneers

Tom Brady has announced his retirement from football. After 22 NFL seasons, seven titles, five Super Bowl MVP trophies, three regular-season MVP honors, and about every major record a quarterback can have, the famous quarterback hung up his cleats for good.

Brady was a great performer at his position for both the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for almost two decades. He was a continuous leader in comeback victories, winning more than any other athlete in contemporary history.

Understandably, the sporting world was taken aback by Brady’s decision to retire. Here are a some of the responses to the NFL’s most famous player’s retirement.

Julian Edelman, a long-time teammate of Brady’s, kept it short and simple.

@TomBrady Thanks for the memories, darling.

January 29, 2022 — Julian Edelman (@Edelman11)


Several of Brady’s colleagues on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers also spoke out.

The finest of all time. Congratulations, @TomBrady! I’m honored to have shared the field with you! Regards, fam 🐐

January 29, 2022 — Chris Godwin (@CGtwelve_)


@TomBrady #LFG @TomBrady #LFG @TomBrady #LFG @TomBrady #LFG @TomBrady #LFG @TomBrady #LFG @TomBrady #LFG @TomBra 🤠🙏🏾

DEVIN WHITE (@DevinWhite 40) (@DevinWhite 40) (@DevinWhite 40) (@DevinWhite 40 29th of January, 2022


Thank you for everything, big bro; it was a pleasure to work with you. @TomBrady 🐐

Mike Evans (@MikeEvans13_) (@MikeEvans13_) (@MikeEvans13_) (@M 29th of January, 2022


Robert Griffin III argued for deviating from the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s regulations and allowing Brady to be inducted now rather than five years after retirement, as is customary.

This year, Tom Brady should be eligible for the Hall of Fame. That was his brilliance. Without a question, the best of all time.

January 29, 2022 — Robert Griffin III (@RGIII)


Brady’s career was mocked by sports journalists, who cracked jokes and publicized ludicrous statistics.

Tom Brady is up against Father Time:

January 29, 2022 — Kevin Clark (@bykevinclark)


Tom Brady had promised for years that he would play until he was 45, but at 44 years old, he retired after leading the NFL in passing yards and passing touchdowns. coward/fraud

— January 29, 2022, Rodger Sherman (@rodger)


Tom Brady has won 12.7% of all Super Bowls ever played.

— January 29, 2022, StatMuse (@statmuse)


In his 20s, Tom Brady threw 147 touchdown passes.

In his 40s, Tom Brady has 168 throwing touchdowns.

No athlete has ever aged as well as he has.

— Field Yates (@FieldYates) on the 29th of January, 2022


The nickname “GOAT” has become associated with Brady, so it’s no surprise that sportsmen have coined the phrase “best of all time” to honor Brady’s untouchable career.


January 29, 2022 — Patrick Mahomes II (@PatrickMahomes)


The All-Time Greatest.

Definitely, positively, positively, positively, positively, positively, positively, positively, positively, positively, positively, positively,

@TomBrady, I hope you like the next part.


January 29, 2022 — JJ Watt (@JJWatt)


🐐 It was an honor

January 29, 2022 — Jayson Tatum (@jaytatum0)


TB12 🐐

January 29, 2022 — Ty Hill (@cheetah)



January 29, 2022 — Ja Morant (@JaMorant)


🐐 ,Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

January 29, 2022 — Trae Young (@TheTraeYoung)



— January 29, 2022, James Harden (@JHarden13)


Sports fans will remember Tom Brady’s once-in-a-lifetime performance for the rest of their lives.

Tom Brady has retired from the NFL after 22 seasons. The sports world has reacted to his retirement with mixed reactions. Reference: tom brady age.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHO reported Brady was retiring?

A: The NFL.

Did Tom Brady actually announce his retirement?

A: No, he is still playing in the NFL.

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