Steam’s online store isn’t the only place to buy and play games. You can also find a variety of PC titles on, or use your own torrent client to download software illegally from other sites like piratebay.

The “steam game not showing up in the library after purchase” is a problem that some people have encountered. This issue can be fixed by reinstalling steam.

Steam game doesn't show up in the library


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Date last updated: February 26, 2022

Originally published in January 2021.

  • If a Steam game is missing from your library, it’s possible that the installation has failed.
  • You need first verify your game license and restart your router.
  • It’s also worth noting that the game might be hidden on your smartphone. 
  • You may quickly add a Steam Library Folder if a Steam game does not appear.



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Have you lately purchased a Steam game that has yet to appear in your library? Maybe you installed it, but it continues showing up as uninstalled.

No matter what the specific circumstances are in your case, not being able to discover your game in the Steam Library is a very frustrating condition for all users, particularly those who make a career streaming games or working as testers.

Why isn’t my game recognized by Steam?

Even if the specific causes for this problem in your instance may differ from those in other users’ circumstances, there is some common ground to be discovered in all of them.

  • Internet connectivity problem – if your internet connection stops or is inconsistent, the Steam servers may be unable to update the information in a timely manner.
  • Using an earlier version of Steam — Because the sorts of data packages differ across versions of the program, not having the most recent release might result in latency or even a failed update with the Steam servers.
  • Game license isn’t valid/expired – if your game’s license doesn’t communicate correctly with the Steam Library service, your game won’t be recognized and won’t display on the list.
  • If the game you’re looking for isn’t showing up in your Steam library, it’s possible that it’s because it’s hidden.
  • The Steam Library folder isn’t showing up — Despite the fact that this problem happens significantly less often than the preceding ones, individuals have mentioned it on forums.

As you can see from the list above, there are a variety of scenarios that might cause your Steam library to stop updating with the most recent installed titles, or even worse, games that you recently paid for.

If you follow the steps in our tutorial below, you should be able to resolve all of these difficulties with your Steam game collection, so be sure to do so in the sequence they were presented for the most effective troubleshooting.

What should I do if a game isn’t available in the Steam library?

To begin, reset your router.

If you believe that your network isn’t operating properly, you might try resetting your router. If your game library isn’t updating, it might be due to a bad connection.

Simply disconnect your router and modem for 30-60 seconds, and the issue should be resolved.

Restarting the router and modem clears the memory contents, which may assist in resolving any background issues.

2. Examine your game’s licensing.


Check to determine whether you have the license/subscription for your purchase once you’ve made your purchase.

If it doesn’t work, try purchasing the game again. If you re-establish your Internet connection, you may need to refresh the page.

Expert Tip: Some PC problems, such as damaged repositories or missing Windows files, are difficult to resolve. If you’re having problems repairing a mistake, it’s possible that your system is partly broken. Restoro is a tool that will scan your computer and determine the source of the problem. To download and begin mending, go here.

Restart the Steam Client after you’re certain you have the license/subscription. You should also restart your computer since Steam may update after that.

However, it’s occasionally simply a server fault caused by a large number of people attempting to buy anything at the same time. In this scenario, all you have to do is wait a little and the issue will go away.

More information about this subject may be found here.

3. Look to see whether the game is hidden.

  1. Open the desktop client by pressing the Windows key and typing Steam.1645884809_472_Steam-game-doesnt-show-up-in-the-library
  2. Click on Store from the window’s main menu.1645884810_910_Steam-game-doesnt-show-up-in-the-library
  3. On the shop page, look for the game and click the Play Now option.
  4. A popup should appear with information about the required space and other installation details.
  5. Next should be pressed. The procedure will allot space and redirect you to a new page.
  6. Check to see whether your game is currently downloading.
  7. Select the option to manage your downloads from the drop-down menu. (It’ll lead you to your downloads page, where you can locate the game you’re waiting for.)
  8. Set Categories by right-clicking the game.
  9. Uncheck the option that reads Hide this game in my library in the new window.

4. Navigate to the Steam Library Folder.

When you search for your Steam game in the library, it may not seem to be installed because the platform does not recognize the installation files.

If the game folders are in the correct location, launching the game will result in a download.

Steam will be able to determine whether installation files are correct throughout the download in this manner.

By entering the default Steam folder, you can ensure that the files are in the correct position. In most cases, you’ll find it under

Program Files (C:Program Files) (x86) SteamSteamappsCommon

You might attempt the following if your games were installed on a separate partition:

  1. To find Steam, press the Windows key, type Steam, and go to the first result.1645884809_472_Steam-game-doesnt-show-up-in-the-library
  2. Click on Steam in the top-left corner of the window.1645884811_352_Steam-game-doesnt-show-up-in-the-library
  3. Go to the Settings tab now.1645884811_468_Steam-game-doesnt-show-up-in-the-library
  4. Click on Downloads on the left side of the window, then Steam Library Folders on the right window pane. (A window with your Steam Library folders opens.)1645884812_664_Steam-game-doesnt-show-up-in-the-library
  5. Select Add Library Location and select the folder where the games were previously installed.

Your games will most likely appear in your Steam account after the suitable destination folder has been uploaded.

As you can see, these are simple solutions that anybody can implement. When your Steam game does not appear in the designated library, at least one of them should be able to assist you.

We’d love to hear which step worked best for you, so please let us know in the comments area.

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Steam games don’t show up in the library due to view filter. This is a problem that can be fixed by clicking on “View Filter” at the bottom of the game library and choosing “All Games.” Reference: steam games not listed due to view filter.

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