We’ve seen firsthand what a difference a year can make in the tech world. 2014 saw the launch of the first Apple smartwatch, the Pebble Time, which was quickly followed by the first true smartwatch, the Apple Watch, and the first Android Wear smartwatch, the LG G Watch R. 2017 is shaping up to be a big year for smartwatch innovation, with dozens of new models expected to hit the market. We’ve rounded up our five most anticipated smartwatches, which should give you a good idea of the direction each manufacturer is taking their creations.

This is the year of smartwatches. Smartwatches used to be limited to the tech-savvy, but as technology improves, we’re seeing more and more smartwatches with a mainstream appeal. Last year it was only the Apple Watch Series 2 that came with cellular capabilities. This year, with the release of the Moto 360 (2nd gen), LG Watch Urbane, and the Gear S3, we’re starting to see a couple more options on the market. Here are the top 5 smartwatches we’re most excited about.

The Apple Watch has been the dominant player in the wearables market for the past year. But it’s only a matter of time before its competitors catch up, and we think that 2016 is the year that could see that happen. Here is a look at the five most anticipated smartwatches of the year.. Read more about best smartwatch 2020 and let us know what you think.

Stupid bystander, your days are numbered. Watches that only tell the time thanks to perfect Swiss technology passed down from generation to generation of watchmakers are a thing of the past. word-image-14334 (Source: dylanstiles.com) The most interesting aspect of the smartwatch market is that it is the pre-iPhone era, where no single manufacturer took the lead in setting the pace for everyone else, as Apple did with the iPhone. Many thought it would be Apple again, but the first Apple Watch didn’t live up to expectations, as evidenced by the fact that no one copied it. Most new smartwatches try to imitate the traditional watch more. As we head into the second half of 2016, here are the soon-to-be smartwatches we expect to see in letters to Santa later this year. The Pebble Age 2 word-image-5232 (Source: kickstarter.com) Pebble has just announced three new products – Pebble 2, Time 2 and a new activity tracker, as reported by BodyHacks. Funds are currently being raised, but the launch will likely happen before the holidays if you commit now. Only the first to arrive will receive the new Pebble Time 2 before the holidays, so make sure you get it soon if you need it. If you’re considering it as a gift for your favorite geek who wants a flexible smartwatch for Android or iOs that works for two weeks on a single charge while tracking your heart rate [breathing], check out their Kickstarter to pledge now. The two new Pebble watches build on the success of their predecessors. They retain the e-ink screens, but are bigger, brighter, faster and now have improved fitness data. Nixon bet word-image-5233 (Source: nixon.com) It’s Androidwear from Nixon, but you can’t buy it yet. What you can do is sign up for their mailing list to receive updates. Nixon presents it as the first smartwatch for sports. The guys at Swatch might not agree, but Nixon promises you more than just counting your volleyball strokes. On the beach the Mission is waterproof up to 100 meters and informs Surfline about the condition of the waves. On the slopes, Mission doesn’t care about the cold or the snow and brings you timely snow reviews. If this watch feels rugged, it may be because the list of materials includes a polycarbonate case, Gorilla glass, and surgical-grade stainless steel. They offer 20 strap options, 15 bezel options and engraving on the back. Sony Wena word-image-14335 (Source: wena.jp) Wear Electronics NAturally, or Wena as Sony calls it, is an iOs watch that should hit the market later this year. The Wena looks like a classic watch with a round case, and the strap hides nifty little details: NFC wallet, activity tracker and smartphone notifications. That’s all we know, except that it’s beautiful. Four models are available, two with three hands and two with chronograph, in black and silver. The only problem? Sony will release it first in Japan, with no planned release date for the West. Out of the whole list, this watch falls more in the lifestyle category than the fitness category. The activity tracker seems to exist only as a standard feature. Gucci and will.i.am Smartband word-image-14336 (Source: fashionista.com) If not for Gucci, it would be waiting for two fighter jets to collide. Will.i.am’s first attempt at entering the wearable market was the Pulse smartwatch, which was a completely useless, bland and buggy gadget. The pair claims that the new smartwatch will support 3G, have voice controls and have a front-facing camera. It should also be equipped with a heart rate monitor. These watches are currently still in the prototype stage, but given the amounts invested, they could be on the market before Santa Claus comes down the chimney. Apple Watch 2 word-image-14337 (Source: cultofmac.com) Speculation and mysticism surround this unicorn like no other in this list. Will Apple release a new watch in 2016? Analysts seem to think so. Initially we thought they would announce it in March, then in June, and now we’re looking at an announcement in September, if that, in 2016. Since the first generation watch was released two years ago, we can only assume that the new watch will either be great or a huge disappointment. No matter how you feel about Apple, the excitement around this announcement is so palpable that it can bite. word-image-14338 (Source: firsthdwallpapers.com) The question remains: Who will set the tone for all future smartwatches? When Apple launched the first iPhone, it entered a market that had been on the horizon for almost a decade. If you only count the years in which smartphones have been released, the market has been a sleeper. The clock on the other hand (get it?) has been around since 1400. If smartphones traded dumb phones for smartwatches, smartwatches traded dumb watches for smartwatches. The question is: who will propose a single model to govern them all?2016 will be a big year for smartwatches, with major players like Apple and Samsung both releasing wearable devices in the first quarter. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most anticipated smartwatches for 2016.. Read more about best buy smart watch and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best smartwatch for a 10 year old?

Smartwatches have come a long way in the past few years and now they’re in the hands of everyone from fashion forward hipsters to the traditional geek who still likes a good watch. As a result, some of the smartwatches available today are better than others. And while I don’t think the Pebble watch is that great, I think the Apple Watch is pretty good for its price. And even though I’ve been a big fan of Android Wear for some time now, the lack of a standalone Android app store means that third-party apps can’t really be installed. But now a little company called Asus is gearing up to release a new Android Wear smartwatch that looks pretty sweet. Smartwatches. Smartphones. Smartphones with health tracking, smartphone with fitness tracking, smartphone with heart tracking, smartphone with all sorts of sensors. Take a look at any of the smartwatches that are currently on the market, and you will find a dizzying array of features and functions. However, while it is fun to play around with all this new technology, a smartwatch is not the best tool for the job of a ten-year-old.

Which is the best smartwatch 2020?

Things are about to get very smart in the smartwatch world. Research on wearables is heating up, but don’t expect a sudden flood of new products to hit the market. According to an analyst from the research firm IDC, the market is expected to increase by almost 50% over the next four years, but it’s likely to be very tricky to forecast which ones will turn out to be the winners. The smartwatch juggernaut has just exploded in the past few years. The Apple Watch and Google’s Android Wear have dominated the market, becoming the default device people wear when they want to connect to the Internet. The Apple Watch is a hulking metal device with a touch display and the Android Wear is a compact, square display. Both are considered smart watches, which are watches that offer the usual notification features of a smartphone, but bring many other features, including an Internet browser, voice commands, music, and more. The Apple Watch and the Android Wear are the two most powerful smart watches the market has seen.

Is a smartwatch worth it 2020?

When Apple brought the first smartwatch to the market, many considered it a fad. After all, your wrist was already occupied by your cell phone, and there were much more interesting things to wear. Fast forward four years, and the smartwatch is now a staple of the tech industry. It’s no surprise that this trend is set to continue, as new models are released, and the current generation already has a significant impact on the mobile market. No matter how many smartwatches launch this year, they’re all going to have to stand out. The category is struggling, and companies have to make a choice about what they want to do: make a general-purpose watch or make a device that is more closely related to a smartphone. And there are some good choices on either side. Some companies will release watches that are focused on fitness, while others will opt for more casual wear. And still others will make a hybrid device that includes both smartwatch and smartphone features.

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