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Sure, it seems to be a simple task: enter some figures into our spreadsheets, consult the Magic 8 Ball for some extra guidance, and spit out the All-MLB squad for 2027. It can’t be that tough to predict who will be the sport’s biggest stars in five years.

Except, as Ron Washington would put it, it’s exceedingly difficult.

Take a look back five years. Some of our top choices for the All-2022 team if we had been forecasting it before to the 2017 season would have been:

Although not all of these players were duds in 2021, none of them would be first-choice selections for an All-2020 squad. Oh, and predicting the future isn’t simple either. Andrew Benintendi was the consensus top prospect entering into 2017, while Alex Reyes was the top pitching prospect.

So, here’s our team for the year 2027. We have to think about how players age, who may switch positions, and which pitchers had the greatest chance of staying healthy. There were a few of obvious selections, thanks to the surge of new superstar talent in recent seasons. Then things started to become interesting.


Rutschman, Adley, the potential

Will Smith is the current MLB star.

Rutschman, Adley is the All-2027 selection.

Our conversations over who should be named All-Stars in 2027 resulted in a large number of pages of notes from which to work. It has very little to do with the catcher’s position. That’s how simple Rutschman’s decision is. In 2027, he’ll be 29, presumably ensconced in an All-Star career and, hopefully for Baltimore fans, excelling on a resurgent Orioles team with the battery of Rutschman and Rodriguez, Grayson — ranked by ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel as the top hitting and pitching prospects in baseball — becoming must-watch television every five days.


On Kiley McDaniel’s 2022 list, where did your team’s brightest young talents land?

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The-five-players-who-could-pass-Mike-Trout-as-MLBs All 30 MLB farm systems are ranked «

Catchers in the major leagues have had a bad run in recent years. Part of it is due to the high importance placed on pitch framing by teams, which means that many catchers in the major leagues can’t hit but still have regular responsibilities due to their ability to steal strikes. It may win games, but it is unappealing. Baseball has been lacking in star-level, every-day backstops for whatever reason. By 2027, the players we now have — Yadier Molina, Salvador Perez, Yasmani Grandal, and J.T. Realmuto, to mention a few — will be old or retired. The good news is that we may be entering a new golden era of catchers, led by Rutschman. Francisco Alvarez, Henry Davis, Keibert Ruiz, Tyler Soderstrom, Gabriel Moreno, Diego Cartaya, and M.J. Melendez are among the catchers favored by prospect evaluators.

Player at first base

Spencer Torkelson is the potential.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is a member of the Guerrero family. is the current MLB superstar.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is a member of the Guerrero family. is the All-2027 selection.

It’s difficult to project the first base position so far into the future since it’s traditionally been a position for older players, and we don’t know who will move there from other positions. Guerrero, on the other hand, is a no-brainer. If you exclude first basemen over the age of 25 or who are still prospects, Guerrero is replaced at the top of the future leaderboard by someone like Ryan Mountcastle. Given the age gap, it’s plausible that a current talent like Freddie Freeman might still be up there, but not at Guerrero’s level.

With the prospect, there is such a consensus on Torkelson it’s hard to pick anyone else. You do wonder if he’s more Rhys Hoskins than Freeman. Nick Pratto is another interesting possibility, although the K rate is a concern and he’s the same age as Guerrero. Also, you want to see how much of Pratto’s leap last season sticks before you start putting him on Torkelson’s level. Finally, when it comes to picking between Guerrero and Torkelson as the 2027 All-MLB Player at first base, let’s answer that with a question: Since Torkelson is basically only a year younger than Vlady, if he lives up to the hype is he even going to get a starting gig for the AL All-Star team?

At second base,

Nolan Gorman is the potential.

Marcus Semien is a current MLB standout.

Bichette, Bo is the All-2027 selection.

The top second basemen in 2021 were Semien, Jose Altuve and Brandon Lowe, but Semien will be 36 in 2027 and Altuve 37, so they’ll be fighting Father Time, while Lowe is a possibility to move off second base by then. Ozzie Albies should still be in his prime at 30, but he’s an odd mix of abilities (77 extra-base hits in 2021, but a .310 OBP), making his overall offensive profile less valuable than the raw counting numbers. So the All-MLB At second base, in 2027 could be a player who is currently playing another position — such as Bichette, Bo, who may lack the range to stick at shortstop, or Trea Turner, who did play second after his trade to the Dodgers. Speed guys age well and both could add more power and be a Gold Glove At second base,, especially Turner.

Another position change option is Xander Bogaerts, particularly if he re-signs with Boston after this season, but given the Red Sox’s track record under Chaim Bloom, they’re more likely to let Bogaerts go and go with prospect Nick Yorke, especially now that Trevor Story can return to shortstop. It’s more difficult to predict the future. Yorke is a contender, and although Gorman’s natural position is third base, Nolan Arenado has blocked him in St. Louis. He’ll be 27 in 2027, which seems like a decent argument to choose him. However, since Bichette will still be in his prime, he will be the overall selection.

Player at third base

Josh Jung is a potential candidate.

Jose Ramirez is the current MLB superstar.

Bobby Witt Jr. is a young man who has a lot of is the All-2027 selection.

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We’re going to throw you a curveball here. In normal circumstances, Witt may be the first choice at shortstop. In normal circumstances, though, you wouldn’t have an 80-grade prospect like Franco, who only lived up to the expectations with his rookie season performance. Witt might be a one-of-a-kind shortstop talent who makes it to the big at another position before returning to his more valuable defensive position later in his career. Witt may break in at shortstop because the Royals have outstanding depth at the position, with Nicky Lopez coming off a strong defensive season and the often-injured-but-extremely-talented Adalberto Mondesi still in the mix. As a result, we bolstered the third base position on our future All-Star squad by moving Witt there. It’s possible. The Royals could potentially start Witt at shortstop and keep him there for the next 20 years.

The top third base prospect among different outlets right now is a relative split between Texas’ Jung and breakout St. Louis Player at third base Jordan Walker. Walker fielded .876 last season and that, along with scouting reports that already foretold a possible position change, not to mention the ongoing presence of Arenado, works against him at this spot. Other prospects we looked at included the Mets’ Brett Baty and a variety of position-change candidates among shortstop prospects. For the current big leaguer, we love Ke’Bryan Hayes’ glove but wonder if he’ll hit at an All-MLB level, while the present-day lineup of stars are all possibilities: Arenado, Matt Chapman, Manny Machado, Alex Bregman, Rafael Devers, Yoan Moncada, Austin Riley and position-switch candidates Carlos Correa, Corey Seager and Bogaerts were all considered.


Bobby Witt Jr. is a young man who has a lot of is the prospect.

Fernando Tatis Jr. is a member of the Tatis family. is the current MLB star.

Franco is on the move. is the All-2027 choice.

Fernando Tatis Jr. is a member of the Tatis family., Carlos Correa, Corey Seager, Trea Turner, Bichette, Bo, Xander Bogaerts, Francisco Lindor, Tim Anderson, and, of course, Franco is on the move. are among the current MLB stars. Lindor is the only player you can confidently predict will still be playing shortstop in 2027, and given his current trend, who knows where his offense will be by then. Tatis may wind up in the outfield as a result of his shoulder troubles in 2021, as well as his low defensive stats, particularly if youngster CJ Abrams (the No. 2 shortstop prospect behind Witt) stays in the dirt.

As Franco develops, we will be able to project greater power onto him. He won’t have Tatis’ 40-homer power, but he’ll hit with his contact abilities. Extra-base hits abound, and on-base rates are strong. He’s not a sure thing to stay at shortstop, but he’s comfortable there right now and has plenty of arm strength. I’m guessing he’ll remain there, giving him a tiny advantage against Tatis… yet we may not have heard the last of the Padres superstar.


Riley Greene, Julio Rodriguez, and Zac Veen are the top prospects.

Juan Soto, Ronald Acuna Jr., Ronald Acuna, Ronald Acuna, Ronald Ac, and Mookie Betts are the current MLB stars.

Fernando Tatis Jr. is a member of the Tatis family., Juan Soto, and Ronald Acuna Jr., Ronald Acuna, Ronald Acuna, Ronald Ac are the All-2027 selections.

This was a challenge! Let’s start with the current best players we left off who might still be performing like All-Stars in five years: Bryce Harper, Aaron Judge, Mike Trout is a professional baseball player., Kyle Tucker, and Luis Robert, to name a few. And, unless he’s left for a full-time career on the PBA circuit, Betts, who received at least a mention as a candidate, might still be producing at a Hall of Fame level in five years, when he’ll be 34.


A new season is on its way. Prepare to take control of your fantasy baseball league. The Playbook: A Fantasy Baseball Guide » Head-to-head » | Points » ’22 standings Sign up (now with round-by-round keepers) »

When you look at a roster of the top players in baseball right now and their ages, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to come up with a squad that doesn’t include Tatis, Soto, and Acuna. Moving Tatis to the outfield isn’t out of the question (we’ve seen it before), and it frees up shortstop for Franco, who was desperately needed on this club. However, it eliminates a number of excellent outfield prospects.

We hoped to add a real center fielder to the club, but we may have fallen short in that area. Tatis could most likely play there, however the Padres may prefer to shift shortstop prospect CJ Abrams to center due to his superior mobility. Acuna could play center if he wasn’t injured, but we’ll have to see how he looks when he returns from his knee injury. Regardless, if prospect Cristian Pache can find his groove at the bat, he’ll be the Braves’ center fielder. Greene, one of our prospects, may have been a good match for center.

In terms of prospects, there is a definite divide between Greene and Rodriguez and the next set of aspirants in the outfield. We chose Veen, who is gaining a lot of attention from pundits and, as a Colorado prospect, should be putting up some impressive statistics at Coors Field. We were adamant about getting Greene or Rodriguez on the squad, and the argument over which one to go with never came to a conclusion. That’s because, when you have a trio like Tatis, Acuna, and Soto, who are already big-league superstars at such a young age, there’s just no space for a prospect, no matter how bright.

Hitter with a Designation

Jordan Walker is the player to watch.

Shohei Ohtani is a Japanese actor., a current MLB star

Mike Trout is a professional baseball player. is the All-2020 selection.

What, after Trout’s calf injury in 2021 that never healed, you’re ready to write him off? Let’s not forget that Trout has the second-highest wOBA in baseball, behind only Juan Soto, with.301/.419/.611 over the last two seasons. The injury fear is legitimate, but it’s also a touch exaggerated: yeah, he tore his thumb ligament in 2017, and he had some small setbacks in 2018 and 2019, but he still batted 600 times in both seasons (and even won the MVP Award in 2019). The idea is that when you’re as excellent as Trout, it’s easy to see him hitting 45 home runs with a.430 OBP at the age of 35. At 34, Willie Mays won MVP, and at 35, he was third. At the age of 35, Henry Aaron hit.300 with 44 home runs. From the ages of 35 to 40, David Ortiz hit.296/.386/.568. From 35 to 38, Nelson Cruz hit 40 home runs on average.

Trout should be moved to left field as soon as possible, and to DH by 2027. Shohei Ohtani is a Japanese actor., how about him? He is available for free agency after 2023, therefore he isn’t assured to remain with the Angels in 2027. Yordan Alvarez, how about you? It seems like he’ll repeat his 2021 performance for the next seven or eight seasons, which is excellent but not Trout-worthy. His knees are also a problem. By 2027, Bryce Harper might potentially be a designated hitter. Walker failed at third base in the minors and is blocked by Nolan Arenado in St. Louis, so it’s hard to foresee him as a potential DH. Walker is agile enough to play first base or perhaps right field, but the Cardinals place a premium on defense, so he may wind up as a “hitter.”

Pitchers who start games

Rodriguez, Grayson, Shane Baz, Jack Leiter, Hunter Greene, and George Kirby are among the possibilities.

Jacob deGrom, Max Scherzer, Walker Buehler is a comedian., Burnes, Corbin, and Giolito, Lucas are the current MLB stars.

Buehler, Burnes, Giolito, Rodriguez, and Baz are the All-2027 choices.


Who is the best baseball player of all time? We selected the top 100 diamond winners of all time.

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You could toss a dart at 25 names and come up with five choices that are fair. It’s all about projecting strength and durability, so good luck. It may seem counterintuitive to consider Scherzer in his age-42 season, but if you can make it into your mid-30s without your stuff deteriorating, you have a chance to stay a standout far into your 40s. Given his breakthroughs in sports medicine, training methods, and biomechanics — not to mention his super-intense make-up — Scherzer has a shot at Nolan Ryan/Roger Clemens/Randy Johnson-like longevity. All of this may be applied to deGrom, who is three years younger, but we’ll have to wait and see what occurs in 2022 before predicting he’ll be healthy in 2027.

Despite all of this, we couldn’t bring ourselves to back Scherzer. Buehler and Giolito have a track record of longevity and success, as well as the kind of stuff, command, and consistency that make them safe bets. (Gerrit Cole is also a good choice, although he’s a few years older.) Burnes earns the third spot because to his incredible stuff, albeit he should pitch a bit longer into games. Except for Rodriguez and Baz, who undoubtedly have the highest ceilings of any prospects in the minors, the pitching rankings in the minors are a bit sparse on prospective aces right now. While pitching in the high 90s, Rodriguez possesses five good pitches. Baz also throws lightning bolts, and you have to admire the Rays’ pitching development.

Pitchers who throw in relief

Nate Pearson and Sixto Sanchez are two of the most promising prospects.

Josh Hader and Emmanuel Clase are two current MLB studs.

Shohei Ohtani is a Japanese actor. and Tyler Glasnow is a professional baseball player. are the All-2027 selections.

Team 2027 (Way-Too-Early)

C Rutschman, Adley
1B Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is a member of the Guerrero family.
2B Bichette, Bo
3B Bobby Witt Jr. is a young man who has a lot of
SS Franco is on the move.
OF Fernando Tatis Jr. is a member of the Tatis family.
OF Juan Soto
OF Ronald Acuna Jr., Ronald Acuna, Ronald Acuna, Ronald Ac
DH Mike Trout is a professional baseball player.
SP Walker Buehler is a comedian.
SP Burnes, Corbin
SP Giolito, Lucas
SP Rodriguez, Grayson
SP Shane Baz
RP Shohei Ohtani is a Japanese actor.
RP Tyler Glasnow is a professional baseball player.

What you see above is an implicit acknowledgment that we have no idea who the best Pitchers who throw in relief are going to be in 2027. Heck, we don’t necessarily know who the best Pitchers who throw in relief are going to be in 2022. For the prospects, we went with a couple of hard throwers who have struggled with injury. For the current All-Stars, we went with two pitchers who have a combination of elite stuff and who are at an age in which it’s not hard to project them as still being elite in five years. Yet, you wouldn’t go to Vegas on that possibility, because that’s how volatile relief pitching is.

In the end, we tossed away two relievers who are unlikely to remain relievers in five years. Glasnow is similar to the other prospects we mentioned in that he has a great fastball but has recently dealt with an injury. He’s also worked with a restricted repertoire, albeit he’s done rather well in a leading part with it. We wanted Ohtani to be a part of the squad in some capacity. If he struggles to remain healthy as a starter, an All-Star DH/elite closer might be in his future. Perhaps. We don’t have any idea.

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