The NBA lockout has a lot of people wondering if the league is worth watching this season. It’s not just basketball fans who are suffering from dwindling interest, though: gamblers are also feeling less inclined to bet, leading to more money going into golf and horse racing. Experts say it will be awhile before we see these sports rebound in popularity again.

The “They Are Giving Guys Averaging 5 Points Per Game $50 Million” is a headline that was published on the Boston Herald. The article discusses how NBA players are making more than ever, which has led to some of them being able to buy mansions and cars.

'They Are Giving Guys Averaging 5 Points Per Game $50 Million'

Bob McAdoo may come out as a grumpy old man, but that’s only because he’s one of the NBA’s most unappreciated players.

McAdoo recently gave a scathing appraisal of today’s NBA players, claiming that they are reaping the fruits of his and others’ efforts to promote the sport in previous periods. The former Buffalo Braves (now the Los Angeles Clippers) and LA Lakers great mocked his inclusion on the NBA 75 squad, and he still regrets missing out on the “50 Greatest Players” team in 1997.

These sentiments, on the other hand, tend to come to the fore when your legacy is routinely neglected. McAdoo is merely expressing himself.

As one of the first stretch-5s in NBA history, Bob McAdoo altered the game.

Bob McAdoo, two-time NBA champion Few players had a stronger first four seasons than he did.

18 PTS, 9 REB as a rookie 2nd place: 30.6 points, 15 rebounds, All-Star 3rd place: 34.5 points, 14 rebounds, MVP 4th place: 31.1 points, 12.4 rebounds, All-Star

September 25, 2021 — (@Ballislife)

Most NBA players, it’s fair to say, would want to have Bob McAdoo’s résumé.

During his career, McAdoo was named Rookie of the Year and NBA MVP. Between the 1973-74 and 1975-76 seasons, he won three consecutive scoring crowns, as well as two championships with the Lakers in 1982 and 1985. The awards, however, do not reflect McAdoo’s real contribution to the game.

Because of his unrivaled shooting skill for someone his height, the Greensboro native was virtually hard to defend. McAdoo altered the way big guys thought about success by stepping out and shooting jumpers. He was also capable at handling the ball in transition and in the half-court offense.

McAdoo led the Buffalo Braves without a standout player during his first four seasons. Despite having Kawhi Leonard and Paul George on their roster, the Clippers have yet to reach the Conference Finals.

The style of the Hall of Fame center opened the path for the likes of Kevin Durant. However, he had to work hard throughout his time in the league and continues to battle for deserved recognition. Needless to say, he is irritated by today’s mid-level athletes who are earning a lot of money.

McAdoo slammed today’s NBA stars.

NBA Hall of Famer Bob McAdoo drives to the basket during a game in the 1970s

NBA Hall of Famer Bob McAdoo drives to the basket during a game in the 1970s During a game in the 1970s, Bob McAdoo (11) jumps over Cleveland Cavaliers players Lenny Wilkens (19, leaning down) and John Johnson (32) to score a basket | Bettman/Getty Images

Bob McAdoo was not afraid to point out the distinctions between his era and the current NBA scenario.

McAdoo referred to a feeling of entitlement NBA players feel as a result of modernity and the sport’s rising finances during an interview with

“Now that they have private aircraft, they can leave town immediately after the game.” We had to wake up at four or five a.m. to catch a commercial flight. We were required to bring our own outfits and shoes. These people aren’t required to accept anything. They merely need to carry their game with them. In addition, the currency is different. These people don’t have to compete for jobs. They’re paying $50 million to players who score five points every game on average. It’s insane.”

–, via Bob McAdoo

Grapes with a sour taste? Maybe. As an underappreciated star, McAdoo has every right to be irritated. After averaging 11.2 points in his first three seasons, it must be weird to watch someone like Atlanta Hawks guard Kevin Huerter get a $65 million deal.

That raises the issue of who McAdoo more closely resembles in today’s NBA, and if he would be more popular with contemporary fans.

presenting a contemporary contrast

Kevin Durant reminds McAdoo a lot of himself. Peers told him his game would transition exceptionally well into this age because he scored the way Durant does today, according to the five-time All-Star.

“I believe my game would have worked well today.” Many people have said that Bob McAdoo’s game would have translated better than anybody else’s because he was doing what [Kevin] Durant is doing today.”

–, via Bob McAdoo

McAdoo went on to say that he shared Durant’s mindset of being unconcerned about defenders while drawing up for shots, something Blake Griffin lauded KD for over the summer.

Durant’s scoring skill is now unrivaled since he has incredible range, a lethal handle, and a dynamism in rim finishes. Nonetheless, there are similarities.

Stretch-bigs are celebrated by modern NBA fans and front offices. Bigs were meant to dominate the paint in McAdoo’s era, which is possibly why he didn’t earn the respect he deserved over time. If you put the three-time scoring champion in the NBA today, he’d be one of the best players in the league.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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