Airlines in the US have been battling with disruption of flights for 12 consecutive days. The issue has seen an increase in cancellations as long as up to 150%. Airports and airlines are working together, but some worry that this is only a temporary solution while others say it’s time to look at alternative transport options such as ride-hailing services.

The “airline news” is a battle that has been going on for 12 days now. US airlines are struggling to keep their flights up and running.

US airlines battle with disruption of flights for 12th consecutive day



People like flying, but airlines in the United States have a difficult time sticking to timetables. For the 12th day in a row, their flights have been canceled. This is due to a combination of bad weather and Coronavirus assaults of the Omicron strain. Staff shortages have resulted in flight cancellations as a result of the latter. Aside from cancellations, flights to, from, and within the nation have been delayed. Thousands have been affected, and no one knows when things will return to normal. As people stay detained at airports, the holiday season of Christmas has lost its allure.


Due to the Omicron surge, almost 6000 flights were canceled globally during the Christmas weekend. According to the Daily Mail UK, one of the airlines canceled 580 flights and delayed 589 others. The Christmas crowd’s travel plans were disrupted by the airline disruptions, and many resorted to social media to express their dissatisfaction. These started the day before Christmas Eve and lasted for 12 days. Travelers had no choice but to sleep on airport floors and queue at check-in lines around the nation over the holiday season.

The flying scenario is deteriorating.

Coronavirus is a virus that arose in China and spread over the globe in March 2020. It created a deadly trail all around the globe. When vaccinations were finally introduced, people expected everything to return to normal.

Many limitations were lifted by the government, but the freedom was short-lived as new varieties such as Delta and Omicron developed. These have wreaked havoc on travel, and individuals with ties to the travel and hospitality sectors are scrambling to make amends. Customers are overcrowding phone lines and check-in desks. ‘The statewide surge in Omicron cases has had a direct effect on our flight crews and the individuals who operate our business,’ according to a United source quoted in the Daily Mail UK. More cancellations are expected due to “winter weather” in the Northeast and Denver, according to the airline.

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According to a press story from May, COVID-19 had paralyzed the travel situation, preventing airlines from resuming transatlantic flights.

The combination of unusual winter conditions and the Omicron variation resulted in mayhem.

Due to technological issues, flights are sometimes canceled or delayed. There might be other explanations as well, but they are typically temporary.

Whatever the cause, it results in huge lines at the airport and wasted time. Long holiday preparations prove ineffective. It is a source of concern for the operators in the current situation. They must devise ways to make the best use of existing resources in order to satisfy consumers. Airlines must also manage workforce by considering interruptions and COVID-19 sick call statistics, according to the Daily Mail UK. Experts seem to have predicted the present flying disruption back in October. Pilots were already complaining about poor working conditions and a shortage of personnel at the time.

Flight irregularities might persist for a little longer.

According to the New York Post, flight delays are likely to continue for some time.

Because one of the components involved is the weather, and the other is an infectious sickness, it is an unpredictable condition. For the 12th day in a row, flight cancellations in the United States exceeded 1,000. This is a rare occurrence, and it started on Christmas Eve. The Omicron variety was responsible for a fresh wave of COVID-19 cases and exposures at that time. Airlines faced personnel shortages as a consequence. Many employees of American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, and Southwest Airlines tested positive at Los Angeles International Airport, according to officials.


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