With Warframe’s November 11 update, the game is getting a new player guide system and quality-of-life updates. As players explore more of the Solar System, navigating their way through each region will be easier with better navigation tools.

The “Warframe roadmap 2021” is a new player guide system that was added to the game in the November 11 update. The changes are quality-of-life improvements for players.


On Thursday, November 11th, a new update for Warframe will be released on all platforms, and although it won’t offer much in the way of new content, it will provide a slew of quality-of-life improvements that should benefit both new and experienced players.

After completing Vor’s Prize, the update will feature a Tenno Guide system that will direct new players to other missions and narrative arcs. This instruction may be turned on and off whenever you choose.

New players will also benefit from a variety of cost reductions for various activities and features, including a reduction in Railjack part crafting times from one hour to one minute, lower crafting costs for Amp parts and lower standing costs for purchasing parts, lower standing costs of blueprints for refined Ores and Gemsand in the Plains of Eidolon, and a better chance at building Necramechs thanks to a 50% increase in Mech part drops and a halving of mos costs.

Meanwhile, seasoned players will appreciate a Forma modification that eliminates the requirement to acquire Forma abilities while using the Forma, instead allowing Mastery Rank to influence how much players have unlocked by default when using the Forma.

Finally, all players will notice modifications to their dojos and decorations, including a basic and sophisticated decorating option, the ability to scale all decorations, the inclusion of an arrival gate to choose where people spawn when entering their dojo, and remapped controller inputs. TennoGen Round 21, which will be released in early 2022, is all about player ingenuity. The offered link, among other things, leads to a peek of the future player-crafted Tenno skins, weapon skins, syandanas, and armor parts.

source: official message boards (1, 2)


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