A weed day is the first time in a particular calendar year that marijuana becomes legal. The term was coined by High Times magazine, and April 20th has been celebrated as this special day ever since. But what does it mean to celebrate 420? In Britain, where cannabis remains illegal but decriminalized with certain exceptions, you may be wondering if weed days are still relevant today.,

420 meaning is a day that many people in the cannabis community celebrate. It’s also called 4/20, which has its origins in the date April 20th, 1970. The term 420 came to be used as code for marijuana usage and smoking.

What is 420, how 'weed day' got its name and is it legal in the UK?

Lighting up marijuana cannabis joint

Every year, people all throughout the United Kingdom of Great Britain commemorate 420 Day (Picture: Getty Images)

420 is here, a divisive day that is either adored or despised throughout the world, so be prepared for some very smelly strolls today.

On this day, marijuana enthusiasts all around the globe celebrate the green plant — consider it an unofficial holiday.

420, often known as ‘weed day,’ occurs on the same day every year, and London has one of the biggest gatherings of persons commemorating it in the UK.

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What exactly is a 420 day?

Every year on April 20, 420 is commemorated, with April being the fourth month of the year.

People all across the globe are lighting up a spliff and uniting to honor the herb.

Typically, events are arranged, with participants attempting to raise awareness about the cause of marijuana legalization.

The substance is still illegal in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and there are no plans to legalize it anytime soon. In the United Kingdom of Great Britain, it is illegal to possess, sell, distribute, or produce cannabis.

Because marijuana is outlawed in many areas of the globe, 420 is both a celebration and a protest against what some regard as overly restrictive drug regulations.

Marijuana leaves background

The origins of 420 Day are unclear. (Photo courtesy of Jena Ardell via Getty Images) )

What does the number 420 mean?

The precise roots of the phrase 420 have not been officially stated, despite its rapid rise in popularity over the years.

Many people who participate in both the day and the drug have debated the word.

According to mythology, the date dates back to 1971, when a group of students from San Rafael High School in California got together every day at 4.20 p.m. for a joint and a catch-up.

The group, known as The Waldos, then began to use the number 420 to refer to the act of smoking itself, and so 420 was created.

Because Americans prefer to write the 20th of April as 4/20, it became the official day to commemorate getting high.

Other ideas abound about how 420 became famous, with some claiming it was police code for policemen to use when they found someone smoking (although the three digits are actually the code for murder).

Others feel it has something to do with cannabis’ chemical constituents, while others have concocted stonerific Bob Dylan-inspired conspiracy theories.

Is there anything planned for Hyde Park in 2022?

Following two years of cancellations due to the Covid epidemic, the 420 meetings in Hyde Park will resume on April 20th this year.

According to the Hyde Park 420 2022 Facebook page, 313 individuals have RSVP’d for the event, which begins at 1pm.

The day, on the other hand, frequently attracts large numbers of marijuana enthusiasts, with attendance ranging from 11,000 to 12,000 individuals.

In the United Kingdom of Great Britain, cannabis is classified as a Class B narcotic, which means that if you are found with it, you might face a five-year jail term.

People may congregate in Hyde Park without a group limit, thanks to the relaxation of Covid rules — unlike in 2021, when there will be a six-person limit.

While medical cannabis became legal in the UK in 2018, recreational usage is still prohibited.

You might face up to 14 years in jail, an infinite fine, or both if you are discovered producing marijuana.

Many nations across the globe have decriminalized cannabis completely, while others, like the United Kingdom of Great Britain, have just legalized medicinal cannabis.

Below is a list of countries where marijuana is legal:

Recreational usage is permitted.

The nations listed below allow you to have cannabis for personal use.

  • Australia is a country that has a (only legal in Australian Capital Territory)
  • Canada
  • United States of America (legalised, or in the midst of being legalised in 18 states)
  • Uruguay

Marijuana for personal use is legal in the following 18 states in the United States:

  • Alaska 
  • Arizona 
  • California 
  • Colorado 
  • Connecticut 
  • Illinois 
  • Maine 
  • Massachusetts 
  • Michigan 
  • Montana 
  • Nevada 
  • New Jersey is a state in the United States. 
  • New Mexico is located in the United States. 
  • New York is a city in the United States. 
  • Oregon 
  • Vermont 
  • Virginia 
  • Washington 

Joint in the hand

Weed has been decriminalized in over 20 states throughout the United States. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Tunatura)

Only with a doctor’s prescription

  • Argentina is a country in South America (recreational use also decriminalised, but purchase illegal)
  • In Australia (at federal level and all states)
  • Austria
  • Barbados is a small island off the coast of (also legal for spiritual use by registered Rastafarians)
  • Belgium (Recreational use of up to 3g is also decriminalized)
  • Bermuda is a small island off the coast (recreational use also decriminalised)
  • Brazil is a country in South America (only for terminally ill patients or those who have no other treatment options)
  • Chile is a country in South America (recreational use also decriminalised)
  • Columbia (Recreational usage is also no longer illegal)
  • Croatia is a country in Europe (recreational use also decriminalised)
  • Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • Ecuador is a country in South America (recreational use also decriminalised)
  • Finland
  • Germany is a country that has a (only for seriously ill patients who have exhausted other options)
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Israel is a country in the Middle East (recreational use also decriminalised)
  • Italy is a country that has a (recreational use also decriminalised)
  • Jamaica is a country in the Caribbean (recreational use also decriminalised)
  • South Korea (South Korea) (access limited)
  • Lebanon
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg is a country in the European Union (recreational use also decriminalised)
  • Malawi
  • Malta is a small island off the coast (recreational use also decriminalised)
  • Mexico is a country in Central America (recreational use also decriminalised)
  • The Netherlands is a country in Europe (recreational consumption allowed in licensed coffee shops)
  • New Zealand is a country in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Macedonia, North
  • Norway
  • Peru is a country in South America (recreational use also decriminalised)
  • Portugal is a country in Europe (recreational use also decriminalised)
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Victoria and the Grenadines)
  • San Marino is a country on the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Slovenia is a country in Europe (recreational use also decriminalised)
  • South Africa is a country in Africa (also legal for cultivation but not for sale)
  • Spain is a country in Europe (limited)
  • Sri Lanka is a country in South Asia.
  • Sweden is a country in northern Europe (under limited circumstances)
  • Switzerland
  • Thailand
  • Turkey is a country in Europe (Cannabis-derived pharmaceuticals only)
  • Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe (limited)
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain
  • Vanuatu
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

All other nations consider marijuana to be illegal, yet there are a handful where the legislation is widely ignored by the authorities and no charges are brought.

MORE: Hundreds of people are taking part in a study to see whether cannabis may be prescribed as a pain reliever on the NHS.

Sadiq Khan wants to decriminalize cannabis in London.

Metro has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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420 origin is the day that marijuana became legal in California. The term 420 was coined by a group of high school students that met at 4:20 pm every day to smoke weed. It’s not illegal in the UK, but it is illegal to buy or sell pot.

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