Project Free TV is a global decentralized video sharing platform that allows its users to upload, share, and watch videos without relying on any centralized entity. It operates in the open source model with no restrictions on content or information.

Project Free TV is a new domain that has been created by the Pirate Party. It’s an alternative to the popular streaming service, Youtube. There are many questions about this website and it’s legality.

What Is Project Free Television, and How Does It Work?

Is it safe to do so or not? Is it permissible?

Are you searching for an answer to the queries or would you want to learn more about the free tv project?

If you stick with us, we’ll be able to provide you with all of the answers to your inquiries. More information may be found at

All You Need to Know About Project Free TV

Project Free TV (PFTV) is one of the most famous and well-known online video streaming websites, allowing users to watch movies and TV programs live or download them to watch later.

PFTV is one of the first video streaming websites of its type, however in today’s world, there are a plethora of websites that provide similar services.

It disclaims any responsibility for copyright-infringing material available on third-party hosting websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, or other online video streaming platforms.


The copyrights holders have filed a number of petitions to ban PFTV’s services, and the PFTV website has been prohibited in the United Kingdom since November 2013.

What Is Free Project TV and How Does It Work?

To watch Netflix or Amazon Prime videos, you’ll need a paid Netflix or Amazon Prime membership, but PFTV is free. You just need to go to the website and search for a TV show or a particular episode you want to watch online, and FPTV will redirect you to another website where the original video is stored, and it should be available to view for free via a web-based video player.

You may view the following types of videos on Free Project TV:

  1. Shows that are now airing and those that have previously aired
  2. Series on the internet
  3. Films that have recently been released

Is it permissible? Should You Be Punished for Watching Project Free TV?

Simply relax and watch your favorite show on Free Project TV. You won’t be punished if you use one of the most popular video streaming platforms to view unlawful movies or programs.

Uploading copyrighted material without authorization is against the law, yet what FTV is doing is perfectly lawful. In part, this is due to the fact that PFTV is a video search engine rather than a full-fledged video hosting service.

Most importantly, as long as you’re viewing your program in private, it’s legal to stream unlawful material on your system. However, if you show them information in public or use it to earn money, you are breaking the law. In several nations across the globe, downloading is prohibited and punished under any circumstances.

The free project TV simply gives you a URL to watch videos online, not to download them. That means that everything you do on PFTV is perfectly legal, and you won’t face any fines or penalties for viewing films online.

Project Free TV’s Top 10 Best Alternatives

  1. Tubi Tv
  2. Player of Televisions
  3. KissAsian
  4. Stream2watch
  5. YouTube
  6. Retrovision
  7. PopcornFlix
  8. Vumoo
  9. Tv Duck
  10. Tv Series To Watch
  11. GoStream
  12. BMovies
  13. PureFlix
  14. WatchFree
  15. ShowBox

Tubi TV is a streaming television service.

A free American streaming service called Tubi TV may be the greatest option to Project Free TV rather than a costly Netflix or Amazon Prime membership. It offers a huge selection of TV programs and movies that will keep you amused.

There is, however, a catch. There are disadvantages to using it since it is free. Commercial advertisements may irritate you both before and during the event, and there is no way to avoid them by throwing in your credit cards. There will be nothing in the way of new releases, but there will be plenty of intriguing material.

Tubi is available both online and via native applications that can be downloaded from the Google Play and Apple App Stores for Android and iOS, respectively. It may also be played on game consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox.

Unless you’re viewing adult material or using features like restarting previously incomplete video, you’ll need to sign in. Tubi has partnered with Lionsgate, MGM, and Starz to produce over 50000 titles. There will be no boredom.

2. Television

The notion of viewing TV on your smartphone is no longer a foreign one. There are two versions of the TV player: free and premium. There are 75 channels available in the free edition, including Bloomberg, CNN, and Spike. Pay 6 EUR and gain access to 30 more channels, including Lifetime, MTV, History, and Eurosport.

However, spending this much money is unnecessary since a Netflix basic membership may provide you with far more for the same price. However, if you want to watch channels for free, the TV player app is a good option.

3. AsianKiss

KissAsian is the greatest suggestion on this website if you like watching Korean drama. Not just Korean dramas, but Asian material in general, including Taiwan series and movies, may be enjoyed in comfort. The advantage is that you will be provided with English subtitles.

The UI is very simple to use and will not cause any issues with your watching. Almost all programs from nations like as Japan, China, and Korea are available to watch right now. There are a total of 2840 Asian drama TV shows available. On KissAsian, you will not be compelled to disable your ad blocker.

Despite the fact that it has a massive library of programs and movies, some of them may be without valid copyrights, robbing the creators of the money they deserve. Overall, if you’re a fan of Asian culture, this is the finest option available.

4. Stream2View

If sports are your main interest, this may be the finest free option for you. It is a website that offers live sports broadcasts such as badminton, cycling, and basketball, as well as unusual activities such as handball and darts.

There are primarily two features: live sports and live television. While Live Sports transmits the above-mentioned material, a similar service called Live TV provides live sports streaming from everywhere in the globe. Currently, there are approximately 400 live TV stations available to view.

The benefit is that everything is provided at no cost, guaranteeing top-notch quality.

YouTube is number five.

What’s a video streaming service without YouTube? Most of you may already be using this software, but if you’re looking for a better option to Project Free Tv, YouTube is the way to go. However, you may not be able to locate the anticipated TV series or live broadcasts. However, if you were utilizing PFTV to watch videos, YouTube will be your best option.

6. Retrospection

Are you a fan of the past? Vintage-vision is a good replacement for Project Free Tv whether you’re a retro enthusiast or a classic movie buff. Retro-vision, which offers free online movies with a large selection of classics to choose from, has an easy-to-use design that allows users to choose the classics they want based on category.

The genre is defined by adventure, humor, crime, drama, cartoons, horror, science fiction, westerns, and war. The movies and programs at Vintage-vision are 100% legal, however the video quality isn’t up to par owing to the fact that it’s a retro.

Classic UHF is an Android app, however it may not include all of the movies and programs available on the online version. Vintage-vision is a must-have for retro fans.

PopcornFlix is number seven.

If Tubi Tv isn’t enough, you can settle down with a bucket of popcorn and watch movies and programs on PopcornFlix. It claims to provide a movie in two clicks or less! Is it true that it has achieved its goal?

Yes, by simplifying and making the interface simple to use. The most important advantage is that it is free and does not need a membership. Ads, on the other hand, produce money, although they may be inconvenient at times.

PopcornFlix is also a subsidiary of Screen Media Ventures, one of the world’s biggest motion film distributors. As a result, you do not need to be concerned about its legality. Simply relax and take it all in!

8. Vumoo

Vumoo may be a good alternative for Project Free Tv if you’re searching for a wide range of free video material on the internet. Vumoo, on the other hand, is neither a host nor an up-loader since they get their material from other websites.

It is not completely unlawful, although being on the dark side of the law. It does not, however, imply that there is a bright aspect to it. You may watch high-quality video streams and receive much of the material provided by Netflix or Amazon Prime for free, just like popcornflix.

Tv Duck (#9)

If Vumoo doesn’t do it for you, try Tv Duck. It offers nearly all of the same features as Vumoo and is completely free to use. However, owing to obnoxious advertisements and broken links, the reviews are divided. If the videos were recently uploaded, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to see them in high definition.

This is not the case for older videos that may have been subject to copyright violations. There are several categories to choose from at TV Duck to keep you amused.

The Watch Series Tv is number ten.

The Watch Series Tv offers an outstanding user-friendly layout with filter options integrated to filter out what you actually need. It is home to exciting serials and great movies.

The platform’s advantage is that it is not geographically limited and may be used for free from anywhere.

Another significant advantage is that it is ad-free! What more do you require?

GoStream (#11)

Gostream is a fantastic streaming service that enables users to watch movies for free. It offers excellent picture and sound quality, as well as fantastic movies.

B-Movies (B-Movies) (BMovies

You will like watching movies on BMovies. The films in the series are low-budget, yet they have creativity and true tales to tell.

PureFlix (#13)

PureFlix is similar to Hulu, Netflix, and other popular websites. PureFlix has a wide selection of Christian films. It’s really lovely.

We recommend that you watch PureFlix since it is a show that you will like.

14. Free to Watch

Free movies to watch It’s made up of everything in it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sports, news, movies, or music. It offers over 100 channels and allows you to view a wide range of programming. You must see it; it is excellent.


ShowBox is really a package of entertainment. Its films are very loving, heartfelt, passionate, humorous, startling, and so on.

It’s almost as if it’s a great idea. In the area of South Korean cinema, you may watch everything.

So, what are you holding out for? Start watching your favorite program for free right now.

Project Free TV is a project that allows users to watch movies and tv shows for free. This project is not legal in many countries, but it is still an option for those who don’t want to pay for their entertainment. Reference: projectfreetv a-z.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Project Free TV?

Project Free TV is a project that aims to provide free content to the world. We are currently in the process of creating a platform where content creators can upload their work for free, and anyone who has internet access can watch it.

Is Project Free TV still working?

Unfortunately, Project Free TV is no longer available.

How do I download Projectfreetv?

Projectfreetv is a video streaming app that uses peer-to-peer technology to allow users to stream videos without the need for servers.

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