Derrick Henry, the running back for the Tennessee Titans, is breaking new ground this season with his performance. He’s on pace to break Eric Dickerson’s career rushing record of 2256 yards and he has a chance to break it before December 31st if he can stay consistent. However, that doesn’t mean Derrick can just stop there–it will take an incredible amount of work from him in order to do so

Derrick Henry is a running back for the Tennessee Titans. He is currently in his second year, and he has a lot of work to do to break the career rushing record.

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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – Derrick Henry, the Tennessee Titans’ workhorse, is dominating in an age when running backs aren’t normally dominant.

Henry’s winning streak began in Week 14 of the 2018 season, against the Jacksonville Jaguars. In the second quarter, he broke an NFL record-tying 99-yard touchdown run, which became his defining moment. Tony Dorsett, a Pro Football Hall of Fame running back, accomplished it for the Dallas Cowboys in 1982.

On fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line, Titans linebacker Rashaan Evans hit Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette, forcing a turnover on downs. On the following play, Henry lined up in the Titans’ end zone and surveyed the line before taking the snap.


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Henry will need 118 games to beat Emmitt Smith for the career record, based on his 101.3 running yards per game average since the start of 2018, when he became a reliable starter. If he keeps that pace and the NFL keeps its 17-game season, the 27-year-old would break the record in the fourth game of the 2028 season, when he will be 34 years old.

If Henry maintains his 119.8 running yards per game pace over the next 40 games, he will break the record in the second game of the 2027 season, when he would be 33 years old, the same age Smith was when he established it.

Henry has encountered a stacked box on 30 of his 910 runs (3.3 percent) during the previous 40 games, averaging 5.1 yards per carry on those occasions (compared to 5.3 yards otherwise). He’s averaged 1.9 yards before contact and 3.2 yards after impact on those rushes.

When the Titans (3-2) face the Bills (4-1), Henry will try to run for over 100 yards for the fifth consecutive week. The Bills have the third-best run defense in the league, allowing just 78.4 yards per game.

‘Giving the ball to Derrick Henry gives us a greater opportunity.’

Every week, Henry is named in the company of the greats. Henry’s most recent accomplishment came after running for 129 yards and three touchdowns against the Jaguars in Week 5, when he was compared to all-time great Jim Brown.

Henry is just the second player in NFL history to have multiple games with 100 running yards and three touchdowns in his team’s first five games, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Brown was the only other player to accomplish it in 1958.

However, the dominating strategy does not come without a price.

Henry has 142 carries in five games, putting him on pace for 483. Larry Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs set the current NFL record most carries in a season with 416 in 2006.

Eddie George, a former Titans running back, carried the ball 403 times in 2000, making him one of just five players in NFL history to do so. Out-of-sight, out-of-mind was George’s suggestion for racking up carries.

Leaders in single-season running attempts in the NFL

Rank Player Year Attempts Yards AYPC TDs
1. Larry Johnson is a well-known figure in the (KC) 2006 416 1,789 4.3 17
2. Anderson, Jamal (Atl) 1998 410 1,846 4.5 14
3. James Wilder is a writer who lives in the United States (TB) 1984 407 1,544 3.8 13
4. Dickerson, Eric (LA) 1986 404 1,821 4.5 11
5. Eddie George is a well-known figure in the (Ten) 2000 403 1,509 3.7 14

“Don’t worry about the volume you’re getting, how many carries you’re getting, or anything like that,” George said. “When it’s time to slow down, you’ll slow down. I’m not a fan of using a pitch count on running backs because it disrupts their rhythm.”

Henry has 4,792 running yards in the previous 40 games, which is more than any other player in NFL history. Henry’s ability to wear down opposing defenses has been crucial to the Titans’ success.

“As the game continues, I believe he gets better, has more confidence, and realizes where the cuts should be,” Titans coach Mike Vrabel said. “I saw some fourth-quarter runs that were better than first-quarter runs simply because he saw the same look, or the same defense, or the same block, and then made the proper cut.”

Tennessee has showed no evidence of rethinking its decision to hand the ball over to Henry. They are unconcerned about entering an overworked state.

“Winning and losing is the balance,” offensive coordinator Todd Downing said. “That’s the scale I’m attempting to balance. We have a greater chance of winning if we can get Derrick Henry the ball.”

That’s not to suggest Henry’s workload isn’t managed throughout the week leading up to games. Henry takes off Wednesdays or Thursdays to help him stay in shape.

Alexander had 300 or more carries every season with the Seahawks from 2003 through 2005. He relied on technology and science to recuperate from the wear and tear before it became a more prevalent strategy. Henry was advised by Alexander on how to recuperate.

“He needs to look after his body and make sure it’s constantly regenerating itself as quickly as it can,” Alexander said. “Cold tubs, hot tubs, frost machines, and infrared saunas are examples of technology and science that help people’s bodies recover quicker. It must be a part of your daily routine. Health and science are improving, and people are recovering quicker.”

Taking care of his physical needs

As the carries mount up, Henry struggles to keep his body in good enough shape to withstand the wear and strain because he wants to assist his team in any way he can. Henry’s long-term objective is to depart on his own terms and return to normalcy.

ESPN insider Mike Tannenbaum remarked, “He absolutely has the capacity [to become the all-time running leader].” “The concern is longevity, and although I believe he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, I do not believe he will break the record.”

Henry, on the other hand, strives for longevity and recuperation.

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Henry’s offseason training has been well recorded on social media. During the season, though, he works just as hard on his rehabilitation. Henry has included rehabilitation into his daily regimen.

Henry described his healing method as “cold tub, hot tub, massage, ART [Active Release Technique], needling, cryo – the full nine yards.” “I’m going to do whatever I can to get my body in shape. I simply make sure I’m in good enough shape to pick up my kid when she wakes up in the morning. That is the most important thing to me. You’re hurting all everywhere, particularly in our position because you take so many hits, but the rehabilitation process and getting your body back under you so you can come out here and do it again are the most important things.”

Since 2018, Henry has been receiving therapy at Arete in Nashville. Adam Bobo, the creator of Arete, praised Henry’s attitude to rehabilitation.

“Where Derrick stands out from the crowd is that he takes rehabilitation extremely seriously,” Bobo said. “He doesn’t cut shortcuts, and he pays attention to the details. Eats well, doesn’t drink excessively, and gets enough sleep. He’s really serious about his work.”

Henry visits Arete for cryotherapy, hyperbaric chamber treatment, light therapy, and infrared sauna treatments, according to Bobo. They talk about Henry’s feelings after games and whether or not anything is wrong. Bobo makes the necessary adjustments to Henry’s therapies.

Arete provides these treatments to a wide range of NFL players around the league, but since it is situated in Nashville, Henry can easily meet Bobo and the rest of the team, even if it’s on a Sunday night after a game for additional therapy.

What makes Henry’s achievements even more impressive is how rival defenders try but fail to stop him.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many yards does Derrick Henry need to break the rushing record?

A: Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question.

What record is Derrick Henry about to break?

A: Derrick Henry is currently in the top 10 for career rushing yards. He has 1,726 yards left to break Chris Johnsons record of 6,279.

Is Derrick Henry the best running back ever?

A: I dont know which running back is the best.

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