A woman going by the name of Eva managed to make quite a stir when she showed up to the airport some two and a half years early for her two hour flight to Spain. At the time, Eva’s social media accounts did not indicate that her trip was related to a mystery man; rather, she was simply traveling to see a friend. Considering she was traveling almost a year in advance, this is (as far as we know) a first, and has sparked much debate as to whether or not Eva deserved her time in the spotlight.

In 2014, Matthew Burby, a man from Canada, did something that was seemingly insane: he booked his flight to Germany for September 2014, one year ahead of time. To prove that he wasn’t a crazy person, he decided to follow the event through Instagram and Twitter, where he documented the day right up to his flight to Frankfurt.



A woman becomes viral after arriving at the airport a year ahead of schedule for her flight.

on August 10, 2021 by Gary Leff

In my trips, I’ve made some major errors such as reserving a hotel for the incorrect month and even showing up at the wrong hotel since I always know where I stay near the Miami airport. I’ve never mistakenly booked a flight to Rochester, Minnesota instead of Rochester, New York, or Sydney, Nova Scotia instead of Sydney, Australia.

However, one lady arrived at the airport and is now trending on TikTok after purchasing a ticket for the incorrect year. She arrived at the airport with the intention of departing Zadar, Croatia, only to discover she was a year early for her trip to Milan.


Please send assistance or my mother, I need it x

favsoundds – dancing queen


I’ll make a video describing how I arrived home shortly, sorry for the lack of sleep xxx

– lex – – – – – – – – – – –

The majority of the millions of people who have commented on the video feel terrible for the lady, but others are baffled as to how she could have made such a mistake. Most airlines only load their schedules 331 to 355 days in advance, which may go unnoticed. She may have rebooked the day before travel since EasyJet has a year’s worth of itineraries.

So, what happens if you arrive at the airport with the incorrect flight ticket?

  1. At the very least, you’ll find out what occurred before you go to the airport if you check in online. You’ll have more time to solve the problem if you learn about it the day before.
  2. Change fees are no longer common on most airlines’ tickets, and even basic economy tickets may be upgraded to standard economy. I recently assisted someone with an international basic economy ticket in changing their trip dates – United charged $100 to upgrade from basic economy, followed by a $75 price difference for the date change (I got them to waive the fee for taking over the ticket from the online agency which issued it).
  3. Make your argument. Hang up and call back if the first person you talk with isn’t helpful.

On the one hand, working with a low-cost airline like easyJet seems to be more difficult. On the other hand, if they have a flight on the day and time you arrive at the airport, and the flight isn’t sold out, the ticket may not be too expensive to buy brand new (the worst case scenario).

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